WOW! Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy from inhaling liquified pig’s brains

    • Anonymous
      August 12, 2008 at 2:21 pm

      Hi all,
      I just received my quarterly GBS/CIDP newsletter yesterday, and found that article quite interesting. (First it sounded funny to me, thinking WHO would ever be around liquified pigs brains…yech.) But then it “got me to thinkin'” that perhaps there is some king of link to our disease’s origination.
      Since most of us here have ideopathic GBS/CIDP, except for the ones who got it from a vaccination or diabetes, the fact that another new reason how someone gets CIDP-like symptoms is something to make note. Can there be some king of link to those three originations, (from inhaling pig’s brains; from getting a vaccination; from having diabetes)?
      NOW if only there were doctors/researchers to carry that further. It is such a shame that rare diseases do not get the research that the more well known diseases gets. I doubt that anyone here works in a Pork Processing Plant, but if some doctor or researcher would press onward and research if it might be some type of virus or something, perhaps it might help all of us here in perhaps new types of treatments. Just like they did in the many discoveries made with HIV/AIDS and MS.
      Yes, many of you here are doing well with the current protocols of treatments for GBS/CIDP, but some of us here, (myself included) are not.
      Maybe someday, more research will be done…hopefully in my lifetime.

    • Anonymous
      August 12, 2008 at 4:18 pm

      Especially in the farming industry. Living in North Carolina where their are hog farms close to river banks and when it rains the feces runs down into river drinking water contaminating the water supply. And then you wonder what happens to a farmer over the years that became suddenly ill never getting a diagnoses. But I wonder why they were liqifying the brains. That is a strange one to me! Never heard of that one before. Maybe possibly making a certain kind of food with the brains.
      There is a sandwich meat made of processed meats that people normally would not eat at grocery stores but will eat as sandwiches. Potted Meat, Hot Dogs and Souse along with Viena Sausages in the can. All processed from left over pork that are not typically sold in the grocery stores but the meat on certain parts of pork can still be used in other ways.
      Wonder if that is what they were doing.
      I had a friend of mine that worked in a Perdue Chicken processing plant. They would clean the chickens and bag them up and then place them in ice for delivering in stores. He developed some strange sores on his hands and then got really really sick. This happened about 17 years ago. I alway’s asked questions about that. He died two years later of an unknown illness. Nothing ever got said. The plant had someone else catch the same thing and then it closed down. Nothing said or nothing done! It was all quiet and hush hush! It took me a while to want to eat chicken when I went to that plant one day and had my friends give me a tour. I almost got sick! The smell was horrible.
      But look at Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu! So many things going on today unexplained. But it is scary when you are working with a food supply and catch an illness that nobody knows about or how to treat it!
      We are in a society where we have given animals antibiotics in their foods to keep them healthy so they could pass FDA guidelines. But at the same time we may have caused harm to many foods by causing other diseases to mutate in these animals which in turns spreads to humans.
      Do I believe our world will see another plague? I think we will see another one happen. And when it happens, it will be far worse than any other plague ever seen killing millions or billions of people.

    • Anonymous
      August 12, 2008 at 7:03 pm

      There was a thread posted about it or something similar on the forums. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading it: [url][/url]