well good and bad news

    • Anonymous
      May 16, 2008 at 9:51 pm

      the doc I went to see again says she does not have enough info! How many piles of files do they need? Anyway the good news is that she is sending me to Minneapolis to see Dr Gareth Parry which is the doc that Pam I believe had mentioned she saw and he did wonders for her. Hopefully when I finally get there he will have everything including the info from 2001 when I had what they now believe was GBS but again was undiagnosed. She also thought there may also be some central nervous system involvement which as she put it could be hereditary because of my mothers neuropathy in her feet tat she has had for about 10 years but they never diagnosed why she has that either. Still nothing from SSDI but they mannually submitted on the 18th of april and it should be done in 30 days which would be sunday but of course that means monday and if it has not been deposited in our account by monday I have to call my worker so she can get it followed up.
      Dawn you are right about the thousands and my doc will up this more as I need which will be next week again if not much improvement Gene had said something like 3600 and I have a 2nd cousin on 5200 I think she said so I guess I got a ways to go. I hate taking pills. As always my thoughts and prayers are with everyone here. Thank you for always being here.