Way to save some money?

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2007 at 6:07 pm

      Hey all,

      Let’s face it: Just about all of us end up having a very sparse budget. So I thought I’d mention what I’ve done about that. (Besides go into credit card debt.) I looked for a “other stuff” section but… couldn’t find it so hopefully this won’t be kicked out.

      Mystery Shopping. Basically, you sign up with a lot of companies and most of them will actually email you opportunities. Most won’t be worth the pay because they take too long, are too far from where you live. But it’s good for those of us with fatigue because you can pick and choose.

      More importantly, so long as you keep a careful count on a few things (how long the waiter takes to bring the drinks, time between ordering and getting food, etc) you can often get a large discount on a dinner out. Or free. Various levels of places. But I’ve shopped Red Robins, Ruth’s Chris steakhouse (that was a rare one! very hoity-toity!), Cucina Cucina, a couple of hotel bars (appetizers and a drink with a friend), etc. There are definitely downsides to these endeavors (a lot of times you pay and are then reimbursed about a month and half later) but it’s a great, relatively affordable way to get out with loved ones or friends without breaking what I know is our collectively meager budget. If anyone is curious, you can go to http://www.volition.com/mystery.html

      It’s a free site. No hidden costs. There’s a forum you can log on to see daily postings from nationwide companies listing things they need done. Also, lists of companies you can sign up with.

      I know this isn’t quite the usual posting, but just thought if anyone could use some cheap entertainment it’s us!!!