Update On Broken Foot

    • Anonymous
      April 2, 2010 at 12:21 am

      Went to foot dr. today took another series of films on foot it is starting to get some bone callus around the break. He said the bone i broke is a hard one to heal & with having the GBS which makes the blood vessels dialate makes it more slow going. Im to continue with air cast on it & to stay off of it basically in my wheelchair, but he said when I get up I can put a little wait on it now. It has been 10 weeks to the day. Im tired of broken foot its starting to get nice out here.

    • Anonymous
      April 2, 2010 at 9:48 am

      You surely have my sympathy about your GBS and your broken foot. Spring is coming, and it’s hard to be sitting down. But it’s still great to go outside, even in a chair, and just sit there enjoying the birds and the breezes and a nice cuppa. There are so many little things to notice around you, little plants coming up again, the buds on the trees swelling, gazing at the moon and stars while wrapped in a quilt enjoying some hot chocolate.

      Not sure if you’re into gardening, but just a thought…I find that I can still do a bit of garden work in my tiny backyard, just by sitting in my rollator and using a rake or hoe. There are also lots of little garden devices nowadays which are designed for less wear-and-tear on the gardener. Basically, you can sit or stand and use them. (I can’t afford any, but they are available.)

      This week, I swept the sidewalks of my townhouse apartments clean. Sure looks better now. I’m hoping to get outdoors today and sweep my patio clean of the winter’s dust and debris. There’s so much to do, but I’ll just work for 15 minutes and then rest. Otherwise, my muscles ache for days. And I also want to pick up some of the trash that shows up on the yard after the snowbanks melt. I always feel better when things are tidier around me.
      With hopes and good wishes for many special and happy moments this spring!