The Doctor Experience!

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2008 at 8:17 am

      My 22 years of picking out doctors kind of gave me a professional knowledge of the different kinds that I have met! Their Multiple Personalities and Behavior is what I look for when seeing them. I watch them and observe very carefully on my first and second visit! And have seen a few good ones along with a few bad ones. While they are being my doctor, I too am being their doctor, deciding if that doctor is best for me or should I run in another direction.
      First we have the nervous doctor! One that stayed up all night on too much caffiene and has to be in his office the same morning. If you observe him or her carefully you will see in these doctors, a nervous type of talk at a very fast rapid pace. Running like a chicken with it’s head cut off from patient to patient, all confused on which one to wait on first. Because this doctor is so caffiened up. You end up in his office for 5 hours while he goes in and out of your room. Then his last question to you is! Have you been depressed lately? You know depression can really cause alot of symptoms that might be what is going on with you. Ohhh! Hang on a minute! He leaves the room to not come back an hour later. Probably went for another coffee break!

      Then you have Mr. Greed Doctor! He schedules 10 people at the same time and then has his patients sitting in his office wondering why that person is being seen first and you scheduled your appt first on the schedule so you could get in and out quickly. You sit in the waiting room looking at your watch while the 9 others are doing the same. Then you nicely ask the lady beside you what time was your appointment? She tells me 8 AM! Hmm! That was what time mine was! Then a chain reaction starts and everybody finds out they were all scheduled at the same time. You talk about a rumble! And then you hear all these patients telling the receptionist in a nasty mood to not schedule me like that anymore. “I have other things that needed to be done today and now can’t because of the long wait.” The aide that I am paying for that brought me here today is $17.00 an hour and now I owe her $51.00 bucks! You walk out of the office and the whole time apologizing to the aide and calling the office staff and doctor a bunch of jokes!

      Then we find the Non Caring Doctor! You go in his or her office and you are so pleased at how fast you got taken back in the exam room. “Ohh this is going to be a quck appointment! No nasty waiting! Fantastic! The doctor walks in the exam room. Tells him or her their name. You get ready to tell them what is going on but they are asking questions and you don’t get the chance to tell them what is going on. He writes you an RX for Lyrica and only spends 2 minutes with you and schedules you 2 months later!

      Then I found the Know it All Doctor! You walk in and say you have a UTI infection and have had these many times before. But your cultures need to be sent off because nothing ever shows in Doctor’s lab! They run the Unrine Culture and say you are fine. You end up in ER 3 days later with high fever diagosed with UTI. Go back to the same doctor telling them you have nasty lung infection caused by the asthma. Of course in order to get there you had to take 3 puffs of your asthma inhaler. She listens to your lungs and tell’s me” Ohh your lungs sound fine! You don’t need an antibiotic! You end up in ER the same evening and get antibiotic. Next time you see doctor you show them both ER slips and diagnoses to prove them wrong and then they get an attitude! No longer wanting to see you as thier doctor and then tell you that you need to see a specialist!

      Then you find Mr. Right! Ohh yes! Wedding Day time! He walks into the Exam room and is so handsome that your mouth drops to the floor! He procedes to ask you why you are there, and because of the distraction, you totally forget what you came for! So instead of going for an ailment now you are trying to get a date!

      Then you find the Old Doctor! Has lost his hearing and you find yourself screaming instead of talking to him! Never mind! I will see another doctor somewhere else!

      Then you find the Lucky Doctor! You walk in and see his staff being very professional. He walks into the exam room and spends an entire hour with you. Talking and explaining and checking you out! He listens and hears and cares! Ohh how lucky I am! I finally found my Lucky Doctor!

      So what’s your doctor experience like? 😀

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2008 at 12:26 pm

      I have great respect for most doctors. They give up many hours to support and heal people. I think sometimes we are to quick to judge without knowing what that dr has been through. Perhaps that dr. who appears edgy or wired has been up all night tending to a dying child, or delivering a premature baby, or sitting with someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

      We all have our horror stories, but I believe there are good and bad in every profession and every walk of life. I would rather see us salute those who give us great care, and see us show compassion for those who don’t. If we aren’t happy with our doctor, we can choose one who makes us feel good. In life, it is so easy to criticze or make fun. I prefer to give praise. If doctors read our posts here, and some do, I would rather they hear what I do like and appreciate so that we validate the care we receive and encourage them to grow and develope as our care providers.

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2008 at 3:41 pm

      How wonderfully said.

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2008 at 7:50 pm

      Hi Friend! Since we emailed each other about the problems we had with doctors and went through so many trying to get diagnosed, I thought I would share this with you so you would not feel as if you were all alone! At least we can now have closure at what we both went through and got lucky to find a decent crew of doctors that are treating us now or waiting to be treated like me. Some are good while others became my nightmare. Just like what you went through.
      That one lucky doctor is what made a change for me and saved my life! Same as with you! It’s strange how some people can get a diagnoses so quickly and get treated. Then others like me had to go over 5 years to get diagnosed and then after seeing one bad doctor telling me I no longer had Lupus anymore on just one visit has caused me to become so ill now and fighting for my life trying to get rediagnosed again so I can be placed on IVIG”S!
      Funny after he claimed on my records I no longer had Lupus, how two weeks later after my surgery I landed with CIDP and had a positive Lupus Skin Biopsy! Duke will get it straightened out. And when they do! I plan on letting that doctor know what he put me through! Won’t sue him! But will let him know that he needs to listen to his patients and test them correctly so they don’t end up like me!
      That is one reason I think I have my CIDP! Systemic Lupus with CNS Vasculitis, A Necrotizing Vascultis that shows up in skin biopsy’s and nerve biopsy’s! If I get that nerve biopsy and it shows the same as the skin. Then I had Lupus after all this entire time and it could have killed me or may still kill me because they are not treating the lupus properly. It’s a rare form of Lupus CIDP though! Wish me luck! Had fun talking to you in my emails!

    • Anonymous
      August 15, 2008 at 10:54 pm

      I Like when you go into the doctors office and wait like for an hour and when the doctor enters the room He sais, “What can I do for Ya today?” Like he is selling me a TV or something.

      I went to an ear, nose and throat guy because they saw Mantoiditis of the inner ear of my brain mri. I went to the ENT, and then he wanted a ct scan which confirmed the Manstoiditis, so when I go back the second time to go over the CT result. The Doctors never even once looked in my ears, nose or throat. So Why do they call them that then. He said nothing was wrong and sent me off. Charged like $500 for visit which was by the PA

      Your right though, with as many doctors as some of us have had, And I’ve had a lot, you get to trying to peg just how the visit will go. Choose your words carefully because you don’t know how much time you’ll get.

      Just spend the last two days in the hospital with mom who has a Huge Lymphoma in neck that just blew right up. The first hospital would not touch her. After waiting at that hospital for 6 hours and never admitted, we got her to different hospital by 3AM. the People at the Bum Hospital where talking and laughing with each other on personal issues and havn’t attended to my mother who is literally choking to death because the Huge Lymph is pressing into her windpipe and slowly killing her.

      I’ll tell Ya.
      Some places operate very nicely and others are scary.

    • Anonymous
      August 16, 2008 at 5:13 am

      Hi Tim! That just recently happened to my mother also in the local area I am in. I called that hospital the next day and complained. When my mother was admitted to Pitt in Greenville, the staff was wonderful with her. But our local hospital which used to be fantastic has gone down hill! My sister used to be a Administrative Nurse their too. But she quit and went somewhere else because of the riff raf going on.
      My mother was in the ER this past February and she went by ambulance. I was on my way there. She is allergic to morphine. She told the nurse she was allergic to the drug. Nurse came in and my asked her what she was being given and it was morphine. Told the nurse again she was allergic. That nurse told my mom that it was not enough morphine to hurt her and gave the shot anyway. Then my mom got really bad off! It landed her in the hospital for 2 weeks. We almost lost her! The nurse gave my mother 3 morphine shots. I did some major flipping out on the staff that night! They knew I was mad!
      They got her admitted and I had to stay there several days. Could not get any sleep. Me or my mother because the staff was out in the Hallway cutting up, laughing, joking and acting very unprofessional. Pitt on the other hand had a wonderful well trained staff! I guess it depends on where you go and who is working the shift that night!
      So sorry to hear about your mother and hope they can get her straightened out and well again! Will keep her in my prayers. I know in the past 20 years I have seen a big change in the medical care system. Some good and some not so good!