Thank You! ,., Dr. Carol Koski

    • December 5, 2014 at 10:41 am

      I just joined this forum, as well, the GBS Facebook page today.
      Dr. Carol Koski was my Doctor at the University of Maryland in 1993-94,
      when I was diagnosed with GBS.
      That was over 20 years ago, and I am doing GREAT today.
      I have often wondered where Dr. Koski was, and how she was doing,..,
      as she certainly SAVED my life in one of my darkest moments.
      I have never forgotten her, but wanted to move forward in LIFE
      and live it to the FULLEST, not looking back.
      Imagine my surprise when I instantly recognized her
      on/in the photo of the medical advisory board for the GBS Foundation.
      Dr. Koski, THANK YOU for being someone who helped me and my family
      thru an incredibly scary and difficult time.
      I’ve always wondered whether I would have the opportunity to thank you again,
      and today I was fortunate enough to see that day.
      I hope I have not embarrassed you with this public show of gratitude,
      but you were a true life saver to all of us in a very dark moment.
      When directed to this forum and this page, I realized that you have remained
      incredibly dedicated to GBS patients thru your life long commitment to the disease.
      I am sure, without your knowledge and your drive to help, and learn,
      as much as you could about the disease,
      many patients would not have been be able to have a positive outcome from this disease.
      Thank you for your dedication, and your calm demeanor that helped myself, my family,
      and many, I am sure, thru the incredibly rough seas of GBS.
      I am eternally grateful to you.

      Yours truly,
      Dinah Wimbrow-Warfield