Stomach Pain and H. Pylori

    • Anonymous
      October 17, 2008 at 2:24 am

      I went to the doctor for a stomach that feels full, Bloated, Hurts, I lost 10 lbs in one week (I am sure that I will find them:eek:,) and fatigue. Well the Doc put me on the PREVPAK for fourteen days and appetite came back. Still so tired that I cant stand it. everything still same except for done losing weight(DARN!). So Doc put me on nexium 2x a day well that is not working either. so I guess I will have to get a Endoscope definatly not looking forward to that.
      My cramps Spasms pains and numbness are getting really bad again so now I am wondering if this is just another flair up and scope sould be over kill? maybe just another IVIG to get me back on track? anyone have the same problems? doctor told me this is not at all related to CIDP.

      I have never been this tired before though I cannot walk up simple stairs without Feeling like I just ran a marathon. I guess I am just scared and not sure of what to think. My Dad has colon cancer so I guess the scope would be a good idea for peice of mind. Thanks for letting me vent and sharing your thoughts and ideas with me they are allways appericiated.

    • Anonymous
      October 17, 2008 at 8:59 am

      It sounds like you are having a CIDP flare…a bad one at that. If you can’t go up the stairs & are so tired then I’d recommend talking to your neuro about doing a full loading dose.

      I do believe that the stomach can be affected by CIDP. There seem to be a growing number of cases where CIDP affects the autonomic nervous system. I know when Emily was her worst she didn’t eat much & that’s when her stomach pains started. Her bladder was also affected at that time.

      We haven’t found the cause of Emily’s stomach pains. People here suggested it might be IBS. I would talk to your dr about treating you for that & if it doesn’t work then doing the endoscope. Anesthesia isn’t good for folks with CIDP, especially while in a flare.

      Also about 80% of the population has H. Pylori. Most people in India never get it treated because it protects their stomachs from all of the spices they eat. (I’ve done quite a bit of research on HP) Did the dr test you for it or is he treating you empirically? If he did a blood test & it came back positive, IVIG could affect those results as the test of HP checks for IGG levels.

      Make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

      Good luck,

    • October 17, 2008 at 9:15 am

      Hi Nebraska Fan,
      Sorry about the stomach issues. Your symptoms sound like Kevin’s did on his initial attack and subsequent relapse. A friend of mine is currently taking her daughter to mayo for stomach, bladder, cidp issues. She has been getting ivig for a few years now and is on maint. doses. As of late she has had a surge in autonomic responses. The doc told her that 20% of cidp sufferers have stomach/bladder issues as a result of the cidp. I would say, just my mom opinion that you are in a relapse and it may have been going on for a while since it is affecting the autonomic system now. My guess would be either a loading dose or two and then either increased frequency or amount of ivig there after. Maybe even add something to the ivig. I am sure when you go to the doc he will have a great plan of action.
      About the prevacid, I can comment on it as a non cidp person, as I took it twice. Both rounds did not help. I did test positive for h-pylori even after the second round. Hard to believe with 2000 mg of antibiotics for 14 days! I also have read that once you test positive once you always will???!!! Don’t know how that works? My symptoms did subside, not to mention the help I had from the antibiotics during the winter months when I get pneumonia!! I still do get occasional gerd, mostly when I eat red suace or something irritable (fast food) I just pop a nexium. Maybe since you did not find relief from the prevpak you should consider the scope, or if you are hesitant about it, perhaps your doc will boost your ivig for your other obvious cidp symptoms and it will bring relief to the autonomic issues as well. Good luck in figuring out a plan to help you, we will say a prayer things get better.
      Dawn Kevies mom