Residuals vs Relapse??

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2008 at 8:29 am

      Hi again!

      Just wonder how you know if it is just residual flare up or if a relapse is around the corner.

      I have been doing well and I am almost a year and a half since I first got GBS.

      I was off work because I had a baby but am now back as of the new year.

      I have been finding that each day I notice something else “feels funny”. Like over the weekend my legs are more sore and then yesterday i was feeling a bit dizzy and almost drunk and my face was feeling more numb than usual. Now today my hands are tingly like they don’t have enough blood and my face is even more numb … I feel like it is slacking more and I am having more troubles saying “P” but my hubby says he can’t tell.

      If it were a relapse, would it present as a typical case again moving from feet up or could it be sparatic? Is it just because I am more tired now that I am back to work full time? I don’t have a neurologist anymore since I am all “better” now so if I needed to see one I would have to go back to my family Dr. and then get referred again so big pain if it is nothing.

      Am I over-reacting? I am just so scared … I can’t go through that again with a one year old!

      It is hard to find the time to get extra sleep but I still thought I was getting enough. I don’t feel extra tired or anything.

      Appreciate any help!

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2008 at 9:43 am

      “Most likely” your body is trying to let you know that it is tired! Remember, this is not the “normal” tired. What healthy nerves you still have are doing their job and trying to fill in for the damaged nerves.

      What huge changes in your life this past year! I’m sure that Gene would tell you that you need bunches more rest . . .

      There is a thread on “residuals” that you could do a search on. Good luck 🙂

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2008 at 10:02 am

      I think we all fear every strange new sensation as being a relapse. I have had two very complete seperate cases of GBS and I can assure you – if you DO get it again you will NOT wonder if it is happening! It will be a sure thing and you will KNOW it. With a year-old – I am sure you need lots more rest. Take care and rest when you need it!
      GBS MFv 1993 and 2004

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2008 at 11:09 am

      Sharon, residuals will flare up if you over do. Relapses hit like a truck, for me they do anyways. I do have the flare ups when I over do, mild weakness increasing to severe without enough rest. Sleep is good, but rest is important, even if only taking a nap every day or laying in bed until you absolutely have to get up helps. Its hard with a babe and working. Eat, drink plenty of filtered water and get rest whenever possible. You’ll know when its a relapse verses flare ups. Take care.

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2008 at 1:58 pm

      Sharon, My case started late Oct, ’07.
      Eight days into it I was admitted to Kaiser Hospital not being able to walk.
      The following is a brief description of my current situation.
      I spent near an hour with Dr. Wong, a Neurologist with Kaiser Hospital here in the Sacramento area last Friday. ( I had requested a second opinion so this was my first visit with Dr. Wong.)
      Because I was feeling better I had gone back to work for a month until last week when I noticed the returning of the former sensations. I repair copy machines. Perhaps I went back too soon???
      He did the usual reflex tests, (No reflex action from my extremities, although about 3-4 weeks ago there was some reflex action in my legs.:confused: ), strength tests, poking and prodding with a semi-sharp pointed instrument.
      He had studied my case to some extent and knew I had been in the hospital for a week in November ’07.
      He agreed the rash was an allergic reaction to the meds. (Rash now is near gone.)
      I told him about the recurrance of my numbness and tingling sensations, and he said that GBS, “NEVER” comes back.
      I think I’ll take the GBS Foundation newsletter Trey, sent with the article on the recurrance of GBS and let Dr. Wong read it.
      He was unaware of the existence of the GBS Foundation.
      He said that I probably have CIPD. (I’m not sure how the diagnosis is reached???)
      He prescribed Prednisone 20mg–4 tabs for 4 days, 3 tabs for 3 days etc.
      This is now the 4th day and I notice almost no difference in the sensations.
      I have noticed some weakening when trying to do some simple tasks, such as opening a screw cap jar or bottle.
      Dr. Wong also said he would schedule an electrical nerve conductance test, but I have not had a call yet to get it done.
      I must admit that I wonder where I go from this point??? Will I ever recover or am I being impatient with myself?
      I too am scared. I don’t want to become an invalid or a vegetable!:eek:
      PS Call your Doctor! Don’t delay!!!