"The Promise of Low Dose Naltrexone Therapy" – aka: LDN Therapy

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      January 19, 2009 at 12:12 pm

      Hi Everybody,

      It has been awhile since I posted here. My brother had GBS about 2yrs ago — has primarily recovered except for some residual hand tremors — but is still apprehensive about a reoccurrence.

      I wanted to share with you the release of a new book on [B]LDN Therapy authored by Elaine Moore[/B]. Elaine is a noted author on many health issues and has written several books about thyroid disease, autoimmunity, and others.

      [B][SIZE=”5″]What is LDN Therapy [/SIZE][/B]

      LDN Therapy is the “off-label” , daily use of an FDA approved drug — Naltrexone — in what should be considered a “homeopathic” dose: 1.5–> 4.5mg. It is used primarily for autoimmune disease but also has been used for some cancers. It is NOT a cure…but has demonstrated that it helps to stop the progression of the disease and may also reduce disease symptoms.

      It’s action is that it temporarily blocks opiate receptors which after approximately 6hrs causes the body to [U]release extra endorphins[/U]. [COLOR=”Navy”]The [B]scientific premise is that the immune system starts to fail when there is a DEFICIENCY of endorphins[/B][/COLOR]. This release of extra endorphins from taking LDN helps to MODULATE the immune system…allowing it to heal.

      There have been several small trials using LDN therapy — primarily for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Crohn’s — however most of the reports of “reduction in symptoms” by using LDN are to be considered anecdotal…even though the number of folks using LDN is in the 1000’s.

      Read more about LDN Therapy at:



      I also have autoimmune disease that manifests as vitiligo, Hashimotos, and possibly Sjogrens. I have been using LDN therapy since Feb 08 — about 10mos now. I have seen a big reduction in my antibody counts and to my surprise a [U]few[/U] freckles of ‘repigment’ on my hands which I was NOT at all anticipating or hoping for. The hands and feet are VERY, VERY hard to gain pigment back. However, the biggest benefit I’ve received has been just an overall improvement in “Well Being”. I just do NOT feel that brain fog and chronic fatigue feeling that so many folks with autoimmune disease have to deal with…[U]I just feel “normal” again[/U].

      A lot of doctors are just not familiar with this off-label use of Naltrexone. At my urging my brother asked his neurologist if she was familiar with LDN Therapy and she wasn’t. Most doctors just do NOT have the time to go Internet searching for the information….that’s why I’m recommending Elaine’s book.

      If you are interested in LDN Therapy I would encourage you to get Elaine’s book and then share it with your doctor. Because GBS seems to share some of the same symptoms as MS, you will be absolutely amazed to hear the story of an MS patient — Samantha Wilkinson — who decided to use LDN therapy…[U]and got her life back[/U].

      I wrote my review of the book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

      Also, if you have questions about LDN therapy or just about autoimmunity check out Elaine’s website. She has a forum where she answers your questions…seems to always give thoughtful and prompt responses.


      ANYWAY….just wanted to share this information with you folks here in case you are interested in this approach to addressing your health issues. I hope it helps.

      Best wishes,

      [COLOR=”Red”]BTW: To be clear — I receive no money or other incentive for recommending Elaine’s book. [/COLOR]

    • January 19, 2009 at 1:59 pm

      Sounds interesting, thank you!
      Dawn Kevies mom