• Anonymous
      June 5, 2011 at 6:45 pm

      I have always suffered from PVCs, but nothing like I’m experiencing now. They are so serious that when I get up in the morning I have to rise very slowly, after gradually stretching for at leat half hour. While I’m sitting down I tend to be fine and experience an occasional, pvc, but the moment I rise to walk around I can have one every other beat. Surprisingly there are times of the day, after I’ve been up and about for a while that they go away. But that doesn’t last long. My neurologist has not responded to this. My cardio says they are benign. But recently my treatment with Plasmapheresis was almost stopped until my cardio contacted the clinic and told them they were benign. But they are driving me crazy and I’m symptomatic, shortness of breath and dizziness at times. Has anyone on this forum experienced or heard or this in respect to CIPD?