Psychological – HA! My Remedy!

    • Anonymous
      July 25, 2007 at 12:59 pm

      I don’t know if you guys remember me. I had Campylobacter food poisoning back at the end of February. Came down with neurological symptoms after recovering from Campy. Had every test in the books – all came back normal. Neurologist thought I had a rare type of GBS. My symptoms disappeared for about 2 months, then returned and returned severly. Well, these cycles have been reoccuring like mad. We’ve seen 3 more neurologists who called it Conversion Disorder (psychological). My regular physician – without even examining me – said why don’t you just accept that diagnosis! A psychologist say, no it is Clearly NOT psychological. I started seeing a naturopath when all of my dr.s turned their backs on me. This had been very beneficial. I have no doubt she will figure this out.

      No it may not be GBS/CiDP, but there is something medically wrong with me for my arms, legs, shoulders, neck to stop communicating. My hands and feet tingle. My speech is slurred.

      One member of my big support family at home suggested Garlic. I thought, what the heck! Nothing else (besides IVIG) works and the dr.s are leaving me in a veggie state! So, I ate 3 cloves and within hours, I was ‘me’ again! NO JOKE! I’ve been doing this for 1 week now. Everyone is amazed at the transformation. IF I forget to eat it, my symptoms come back. If I forget to eat some at night, I wake up unable to move. We’ve experimented with it, and truely believe THIS IS working…for me!!!

      I know it won’t work for most of you guys, it’s just an idea. I am ecstatic and wondering what my diagnosis will be. Any ideas?


    • July 25, 2007 at 2:22 pm

      Hi Becca,
      Glad to see you are back, sorry to see your symptoms are back. Kevin’s first dx was a psych one as well. What 9 y/o (at the time of dx, now 10) would fake not being able to walk, play and go to the bathroom his self? I feel your pain. What ever works, do it! Good luck to you!
      Dawn Kevies mom 😮

    • Anonymous
      July 25, 2007 at 2:31 pm

      Hi Becca,
      Well….at least we know you are not a Vampire!!! hee hee


    • Anonymous
      July 25, 2007 at 4:50 pm

      Could it be something with the free radicals going crazy in your system? Glad to see you here again, sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Have you tried the Garlique tablets-might help controll the body odor that comes along with eating garlic. just a thought. Take Care.:)

    • Anonymous
      July 25, 2007 at 7:28 pm

      Hi Becca,

      Glad you were able to find something that works for you!

      This is an area that I’ve been looking at for the past 6 months. My original interest was an attempt to understand (at the cellular level) why my daughter made remarkable strides using an alternative medicine when modern medicine (ivig) did not. There are many natural chemicals produced by plants that, when used in specific concentrations, can rival pharmaceutical chemicals.

      This may be more info than you wanted to know – I’ll keep it brief.

      Nigelia Sativum (acient flower w/black seeds) and Allium Sativum (garlic) contain compounds that are effective against staphylococcus and E-coli. Both of these plants belong to a group that has been demonstrated to have antimicrobial activities. (Don’t know about campylobacter atm) Research indicates extracts from these plants can be effective therapies, but care must be taken extracting the essential oils from the plants. Heat and some manufacturing processes can destroy the active ingredients. Finding/using fresh or cold pressed product makes it impractical for most people to follow the dosing level needed to achieve results.

      We use neither of these remedies – I just happened to come by them by another natural product whose chemical compound is loosely related to the compounds in nigelia sativum. I hope you find it continues working for you. Another bene: Not having to fight w/ your insurance to cover it – PRICELESS!


    • Anonymous
      July 25, 2007 at 7:46 pm


      It is exciting that you found something natural to help your symptoms.

      Do proceed with caution and get an Asian book from the library that explains
      all of the benefits that food provides in healing. It is incredible what can
      resolve everyday problematic issues.

      If anyone goes through chemo – garlic negates it.
      If anyone takes corticosteroids, i.e. prednisone – stay away from grapefruit
      and grapefruit juice.

      There are certain foods that will have negative responses to medications in
      that it will stop the medicine from working.

      Good luck and I hope the doctors find out what your symptoms relate to.

      Miami Girl

    • Anonymous
      July 25, 2007 at 7:52 pm

      I am so glad that the garlic is working for you. Garlic detoxifies the body and is good for virtually any infection or disease by enhancing your immune system. It improves circulation, lowers blood pressure,and helps in a multitude of other conditions. I like the fact that it has many sufur compounds in it which is great for healing. They think that the people who built the pyramids ate garlic to give them strength and endurance. It also fights fungal infections.
      I am reading the book The Tipping Point and it says that if you want to fix a big problem, fix little ones around it – kind of like how they stopped the crime in NY by cleaning up the streets and arresting even the smallest infraction of the law. Then the big crimes went down. I did the same when I got GBS. WHen I had trouble breathing, I took MSM which also has sulfur in it. I think sulfur is excellent for the body. I give the body everything to support it and then let the body fix itself. I take garlic in capsule form. I have studied this stuff for 36 years so if you have any questions, let me know. I sent my friend with lupus to a good naturopath and the lupus went into remission and she was able to carry her baby full term. It only came back when she stopped doing what the naturopath told her to do.

    • Anonymous
      July 26, 2007 at 10:12 am

      Carolyn, I just read your message to Rebeca. I have been hearing that Blue Green Algie helps improves stem cell production,have you heard of this? I am not against trying natural things it is just that I am getting a lot of info from different people and it always turns out to be something they are trying to sell or want me to sign up and sell. I have CIPD and getting IVIG works good some months and others not so well.

    • Anonymous
      July 26, 2007 at 2:15 pm


      There is a book called Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford that my
      holistic doctor recommended. It deals with certain alternative foods and
      roots. It is based on Asian nutrition. In it, blue green algae is highly pushed
      for healing, along with spirulina.

      The premise of the book is that preservatives and eating the wrong foods
      are opening us up to diseases daily. It also has receipes and things not to
      eat, based on your ailment.

      I couldn’t put the book down…it’s that interesting. I ordered tons of vitamins
      and minerals from a health food store, it has helped.

      My sister has pneumonia and her lungs are full of mucus to where her coughing is continual. She was given treatments and Advair, Spivia and I
      ordered her oil of oregano capsules and they have reduced her coughing.
      She just started but her improvement shows.

      I’m sure back in the caveman days there wasn’t any GBS or CIDP, they ate
      naturally – we however eat poisons and we wonder why we get sick.

      Try and get the book if you can…I ordered from Barnes and Noble.

      Miami Girl

    • Anonymous
      July 26, 2007 at 3:31 pm

      I was at an expo this past week-end and someone was selling blue-green algae. As I talked to her, I realized that she had NO IDEA what she was talking about. Those type of people get me angry because they could harm people in their ignorance and make a case for the FDA to put supplements under the control of doctors. My intuition told me that it would not be good for my body. I tend to stay away from Asian remedies because I am an O blood type. If I were an A or B, I might consider it. What works for Asians does not necessarily work for me since my heritage is European. Blood types are most important in what you eat and what you take. I got a reaction from Astragalus which was included with my garlic. I broke out after a month of taking it – what the Physician’s assistant swore was scabies. Sheesh. My doctor said it wasn’t. Luckily I figured it out. So….I think there are some basic supplements that are good for most people. But Bue-green algae makes me pause. I have not read alot about it… I personally would not take the chance.

      Miami Girl, Oil of oregano is wonderful. I keep it for when I get an infection. I think I read somewhere that it was equal to antibiotics in studies. I use herbs but do think that sometimes you need an antibiotic. Being a teacher who did not miss a day of school for at least 9 years, I didn’t stay home to get better. So I needed an antibiotic to knock it out of me.

    • Anonymous
      July 26, 2007 at 9:13 pm


      With all due respect, eating or taking alternative herbs has not one thing
      to do with your blood type – not at all.

      What you took, astragalus, is the generic name for echinacea – which is
      great for your immune system. However, if you are taking any medication
      for an autoimmune disease, you are told not to take it – you will get a
      reaction from it. Another item to avoid is John’s Wort…these both are not
      wise to take.

      It’s like eating salad greens and wondering why your Coumadin (Warafin)
      blood thinner pills aren’t working – because there is vitamin k in greens and
      green vegetables that clot your blood – but on the pill bottles, the pharmacist
      will put that label.

      Blue-green algae can be taken by anyone without any reactions at all.

      Asians have long used herbs to correct diseases and such for hundreds of
      years and there are 460 of these herbs used by holistic doctors all over
      the world. At John Hopkins Hospital, they teach doctors holistic medicine
      and the use of those herbs – yes, you must be careful in using anything.

      It is he who is wise, researches the internet to find any contraindications
      with any medicine you take. It’s something everyone should do.

      Peggy – the book I mentioned from Paul Pitchford has about 40 pages in the back of it listing all the research done to prove the benefits of these herbs.
      There are pages after pages from doctors and nutritionists that have
      contributed to thre book.

      All of the herbs can be purchased in a vitamin store.

      Miami Girl

    • Anonymous
      August 1, 2007 at 1:46 pm

      Miami Girl,
      WIth all due respect, your blood type has a lot to do with what your body needs as far as food and supplements. If you get a chance, read the book Live Right for your Blood Type. It will change your mind. It is becoming more and more accepted. I am sorry that more doctors don’t look into this. Mark my words. It takes a long time for such simple concepts to become part of our pardigm. Is there something that you know to confirm that this is not true?

    • Anonymous
      August 1, 2007 at 3:11 pm


      If you are talking about Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book…he has been researched
      by immunologists, nutritionists and doctors. They have proven that the body’s digestive chemistry is not based on blood type. Dr. Peter is not a
      doctor at all…no college…he’s a naturopath.

      If you look him up on the web, there are lots of non-followers, saying his diet
      is a fad for now…but, people believe what they want to.

      For example…type o is told not to eat grains and fiber…well, that’s where
      you get your B vitamins from, plus iron…type o people usually have the
      problem with thyroid…low iron…fiber cleans the intestinal tract from mucus
      and putrified feces. So, you can see where doctors don’t buy into this.

      I doubt any doctor would agree to this theory…you need a balanced diet.

      Miami Girl

    • Anonymous
      August 1, 2007 at 10:19 pm

      Astragulus and Echinacea are 2 distinct herbs. Astragulus was originally found in China altho it is now grown in Oregon. Echinacea is a common North American herb.

      Astragulus is an excellent immune stimulator (meaning to encourage to become healthy) and has been proven to help restore the immune system after chemo and/or radiation.

      Echinacea is one of the best blood purifiers and natural antibiotic. The plains Indians and settlers were known to use this plant therapeutically.

      Both of these herbs are excellent for liver cleansing, as is Milk Thistle. We can become quite toxic internally when the liver is sluggish.

      There is much to be learned from the many branches of complimentary medicine!

    • Anonymous
      August 1, 2007 at 11:03 pm

      Thank you for clearing that up. I did not want to mention it but am glad that you did. I can take Echinacea when I feel a cold coming on, but am allergic to Astragalus if I take it for a few weeks.

      Miami Girl…I think Peter D’Adamo’s father was the doctor. I know many people who have improved their health by eating the right foods for their blood type. You have simplified it too much, but I won’t waste time on this post going into it. It has made a major difference in my life. Good science is seeing patterns. JUst because their tests do not see a relationship does not mean it does not exist. I can usually pick out people with my blood type just by asking them how they feel after eating certain foods. I prefer to stay open-minded about this subject. Let’s just wait and see. Doctors laughed at Echinacea years ago. Now it is accepted.

    • Anonymous
      August 2, 2007 at 11:21 pm

      I got in to juicing years ago and the result were
      wonderful. I felt great; but ,I guess becauseit was
      a hassle, I stopped. since Iwas dx with cidp 1 year ago
      Im back juicing every day.I have aVita- mix whole food
      juicer . I have not needed IVIG since August of ’06
      I also take supplements and try to eat an anti inflammatory diet.

    • Anonymous
      August 3, 2007 at 1:16 am


      Yes, I’m totally aware of astragalus and echinacea being two different herbs,
      however my point to Carolyn is that they both are used for the immune
      system and they both are interchanged in usage…they both tell you of the
      possible reactions if taken with corticosteroids. You are not to take them if
      you do have an autoimmune disease.

      Another point, read everything you can about side effects and drug incompa-
      tibility…that you put in your body.


      If you believe that, go for it. You need a balanced diet to be healthy. By
      not, you are short changing your health.


      I’m right there with you on juicing…you get better vitamins and minerals
      from fresh “live” food. Supplements don’t digest sometimes, real food is
      the answer. 🙂

      I’m not here to start a war with anyone, but to help anyone I can. If we
      disagree…that’s life…but when someone doesn’t research contraindications
      of drugs and herbs, gets a reaction from it, then you can’t blame anyone.
      If it prevents someone else from doing the same thing…then a lesson has
      been learned. I think the key to these boards is to educate each other,
      where doctors tend to fail.

      Miami Girl

    • Anonymous
      August 3, 2007 at 8:01 am

      That sounds like something that I would benefit from. What comprises an anti inflammatory diet, and where could I get more information on that? Thanks!