pneumonia shot reaction

    • Anonymous
      October 19, 2008 at 1:42 pm

      Murphy’s Law: I the caregiver ended up at er from reaction to pneumonia shot on Friday. Could hardly move by are it hurt so bad. Sat was very swollen and spread out more and red and hot. Talked to two firemen at a cook out at fire station and they said go to er. Hated to since all we have done is pay for hospital visits for Husband Bill. Went drug store also and he said same thing.

      Well Steroid shot and steriod meds and antibiotic and today (Sunday) much, much better. Just hope I do not get some kind of neuropathy because of it.
      Not what we need now.Husband could not believe how long it took and how the time was going. Can you believe this. I said do not forget how many times I have been there for you and I will never regret it. It did not take long at all but I had to wait 30 min before they would let me leave and they did take me within 10 minutes of coming in the door. Maybe there was a reason for this.