Plantar Tendon issues

    • Anonymous
      December 1, 2006 at 1:40 am

      Hi all,

      Many of you know from before that I have a horrible case of bone spurs on both heels. I also suffer with seriously aggavated plantar tendons, the big thick one on the bottom of the feet. Combined with the CIDP issues, and I am full of walking pain.

      When I walk up, everything is so stiff, it is like ripping both feet apart when I get out of bed. This extreme pain lasts for 30 min to an hour and is likely plantar fascitis. It reoccurs anytime I sit still for a half hour or more and then get up to move again. But it does not go away entirely. It will reduce maybe 50%, but then increase as the day goes on, and by evening my tendons are so sore, inflamed, painful to the touch. The evening pain exceeds the morning pain and is constant whether I stand, sit, the only relief is to lay down and take ALL weight off feet.

      Two weeks ago I felt some nodules on (in?) the tendon. It is a definite lump. About the size of a sesame seed. It hurts to be touched.

      Anybody have an issue like this?

      Anybody have an idea?

      I know that CIDP will cause muscles to atrophy some bacause of loss of use due to no signal/nerve damage. I have had some of that in my feet. I am losing muscle in my feet, foot droop more than foot drop. I trip more than fall. I cannot push myself up on my tippy-toes anymore, if I could, I’d fall. I do steps one at a time, up and then other foot to that same step, then up one. I use a power chair for walks over the length of a football field.

      Dick S