Okay! Alright! Hmmm! This is getting frustrating! Whaaaaaah

    • Anonymous
      August 13, 2008 at 9:01 am

      My neurologist nurse calls me yesterday and told me she faxed everything to the MDA/ALS Clinic and faxed to the number I gave her that Duke told me to give her. She tells me she faxed everything.
      Told me to call and check. So this morning, I called and checked and they gave me the office where they recieve and log in faxes. They still did not get the faxed in referral!:mad
      So I call doctor’s office again this morning and leave detailed message with nurse. Tell her the fax did not go through and gave her the number to call to check on the fax and see if it went through and then told her to call me back letting me know everything has been confirmed. Even gave her the scheduling nurse’s number in hopes they will go ahead and schedule me in without me doing another sitting by the phone day. 😡
      In the meantime, my Neurologist did call in an RX of Buspar for me and that feels like a normal type of drug. Actually did help me last night and did not give me nervous jitters and bad side effects.
      So….. I think they finally found me the Wonder Pill that will help some. I actually slept last night even though it was on the sofa, but I slept! Yippeee!:cool: Amazing what 1 night of decent sleep will do! I actually feel like getting up and getting my shower and feel like cooking a decent meal!
      That one night of sleep did wonders for me last night. The dose is a tiny bit low but it helped some with that numbness and tingling mess. He said he would increase the dosage on my next visit but wanted to see how I do first with side effects. I take my second pill this morning. Half a pill and if I do okay two hours later to take the other half. Trying to get me on two pills daily. If this works then we will increase the dosage until it completely helps me. I like this drug much better than that Cymbalta, Lyrica and Effexor and Gabapentin. Woke up this morning feeling like I had my head back! 😀

    • Anonymous
      August 13, 2008 at 1:32 pm


      I’ll make a note of it. It helps you with the tingling and pain somewhat?
      I have tried Xanax and now Clonapin, it mellows me out a bit and does help
      ya relax and get a sleep. Glad to hear you got a good sleep. hope it continues. see ya

    • Anonymous
      August 13, 2008 at 2:21 pm

      Hi Tim! I also take the Clonopin and was on Zanax but low dose Zanax. The clonopin helps with sleeping but only if I’m not is severe pain. The drug on me though will last 4 hours and then I’m wide awake again with numbness and tingling.
      I’m on my third pill since yesterday and it seems to be helping. I get a tiny bit woozy at first but it only last about an hour and then I start feeling relief!
      This morning after feeling horrible for 3 days. I woke up, and got dressed. Did 1 load of laundry and washed dishes and I vacumned my house! 😀
      That has been a struggle doing for a while now only doing two small rooms at a time. Half the house 1 week and half the house the next week. And even that has been hard.
      But this morning that vacumn was running! I like it alot better than those other drugs!