nearlly fully recover by half year

    • Anonymous
      June 6, 2006 at 11:05 pm

      dear friends,
      my father is 78 years old,
      he found himself with numbness over limbs, on 3 Dec.,2005.
      within 3 days, he become paralyse.
      he needed intubation, all the muscle could not move, even his eyes could not open. we could not found any signs of life on him.
      he received a five days course of IVIG, and 5 shifts of plasma exchange.
      the doctors said that , the prognosis was very poor. he was not much responed to the treatment.
      after a week we found that he can move his feet very gently.
      the inprovement is very very slow.
      it was a competition of “recovery and complications”.
      he got heavy chest infection and diarrhoea, over the first two months.
      the main point recovery of such patient is “care”
      I am so much thanks for the nurses and health caretakers.