Molecular mimicry is just a theory?

    • Anonymous
      February 25, 2010 at 1:35 am

      You mean all this time I have been trying to make sense of this stupid molecular mimicry nonsense and according to wikipedia and other sources it is just a theory and a controversial one at that. It is bad because it makes us think that the only three things involved are an infection, your immune system and the place it attacks. ONE BODY ONE SYSTEM HELLO!!!. picture a circle and what happens when you pull a circle it turns olval and what happens to the balence of an olval when you try to roll it. BALANCE we need it. the truth is soo much more complicated.

      PUT that together with the fact that disautonomia is a metabolic disurbance. yes it is part of our peripheral system and is controlled by our central nervous system but it can be thrown off by metabolic disturbances. thats what porphyria is caused by.

      LIKE I said that parameters of which we draw the line of diagnosis or damage assessment is a man made abstract concept.

      also vitamins are our metabolism not just these stupid things that are shaped like fred flintstone. I cant put it any easier for you. The medical information in EUROPE is so much more advanced than ours because they dont make money off of health care.

      WE HAVE BEEN HAD. yes our immune systme is involved but just as hypervigilance and intolerance. in essesce you are becoming alergic to everything. what do you think EOSINOPHILS are. you all should be on nutritional forums instead of here pondering who has what symptom. I say this because I care. I was there with sever dysautonomia and now with suppliments I am as stong as ever but those. DAWNS leaky gut thing is why CIDP never shuts off. research the small intestine and what we need it for.

      DO A NUTRITIONAL PANEL if you dont beleive me.