Marinol is now in a generic form, called "Dronabinol".

    • Anonymous
      August 3, 2009 at 1:05 pm

      Hi all,
      For those whose insurance requires generic forms of meds, I just picked up my latest refill for Marinol, and the pharmacist told me it is now in a generic form, which lowered the cost to me. With my insurance, it used to cost me $50.00 for the Marinol. Now, being generic, it only costs me $15.00. And because it is generic, my back-up insurance, (Medi-Cal), picked up the
      We have had discussions on this before. I don’t use it that much. Mainly the week of and the week after chemotherapy, as it was getting down to that I was only able to eat ONE MEAL PER WEEK.
      This definitely helps with nausea, and does increase your appetite. Also, if I am having a bad day with pain, I will take one.

      For those who are new here, and haven’t seen the discussions we have had on this drug, this is the pill form of Marijuana. And yes, it does give you euphoria, so if you are having a bad day–this might help. I have good doctors, and my primary care physician wants to keep me as comfortable as possible. Because I am on the slow progression to passing on, as he told me himself, he prescribed this to get through the chemo, and to keep me comfortable. I work on the computer alot, so I don’t take the pill that often.
      But on bad days I do.

      It is definitely a drug that could help others here. I saw Gary was having problems with the side-effects of the Rituxin. I am on for chemo, Cytoxin.
      I have anti-nausea pills as well, but they do not increase the appetite.
      Also, instead of having your ill health in-your-face all the time, this helps you think of other things.

      Just a thought for those combatting side-effects from necessary drugs, or trying to deal with bad pain–this will help.