LYRICA question

    • Anonymous
      April 12, 2007 at 3:05 pm

      Hello~~ I had written here in October regarding [B]Lyrica[/B]. I was given a prescription by a pain management doctor for nerve pain in my legs, residual from my GBS in the summer of 1995. After discussing it with my primary care physician I decided against taking it due to the listed male fertility side effects. For various reasons I was unhappy with this pain management doctor and decided to seek out a new one.
      I went yesterday to a neurologist/pain management doctor, who I liked very much. She gave me approx. a weeks worth of Vicodin, which so far has helped the pain, and a new prescription for Lyrica, stating she felt the male fertility side effects were not very significant.
      I very much would like to try something to finally take away my constant pain. However, upon calling Pfizer, the company that makes Lyrica, I find that the male fertility side effects are actually pretty pronounced, including birth defects, and can last for up to 6 months after cessation of taking Lyrica.
      Additionally, yesterday I read several neuro/pain web boards where people were having absolutley [B]horrific[/B] Lyrica side effects….not just weight gain, which I don’t mind; but dizziness, vivid nightmares, blurred vision, severe sleepfulness, crossed eyes, skin sores, confusion….a few people said that it was practically a miracle drug, pain-wise, but the ones saying it was terrible far outnumbered them.
      I wanted to ask how the people on this boards’ experience has been with Lyrica. Has its helpfulness outweighed the side effects-? Has the pain reduction been significant-?
      I dont know what else to try if I decide against taking the Lyrica.
      Thanks very much~~!

    • Anonymous
      April 12, 2007 at 4:04 pm

      Bill, have you tried neurontin? or the generic version-Gabapentin? they are the sister drug to lyrica. i tried lyrica while in the hospital, caused more problems for me, so i am back using gabapentin with no problems(except when i forget to take my dose:o ) there are also antidepressants that work well for some people, they work on pain. otc nsaids don’t usually work well on nerve pain. its really just a matter of finding the right combination for you, everyone is sooo different when it comes to manageing pain. Take care.

    • Anonymous
      April 12, 2007 at 4:07 pm


      I started taking Lyrica last week Wednesday night. I have had a weird dizzyness, drymouth, sleepyness (which is better than the fatigue I suffer from), and now that you mention it, the feeling does feel like cross eyes.
      It has taken the almost constant burning cramping feeling from my hands away. However, the rest of my body started hurting again, and now my feet are hurting a little. My hands feel stiff in a way, and some pain happens now and then. Honestly I dont know what to think. I was dead set against taking this, but my doc wanted me to just try it for 2 to 3 months. I’m like you, on the fence, however I dont have to worry about the fertility problems.

    • Anonymous
      April 12, 2007 at 7:22 pm

      I switched from Neurontin to Lyrica after about 2 years of high doses of Neurontin. I have had no issues at all with Lyrica that I know of. I like having less pills to take also and I don’t have that brain fog that Neurontin causes.


    • Anonymous
      April 13, 2007 at 12:22 am

      After reading the other side effects, besides the gaining of weight, I have decided not to try the drug. I had to get special permission to get this drug on Medicare Part D. I have a bad feeling about this and I am usually right.

      I don’t take neurontin because of weight gain and it never seemed to do a good enough job. When they took me to physical therapy they would give me a couple of Vicodine one-half hour before so I could handle the pain. In my mind that made me decide what was the best pain killer. By the way, I am on a anti-depressant and that is a sex drive depleter. Don’t care…. I can’t handle the tremendous pain.

      Now I am on Vicodine ES and a Fentenal Patch(lasts 3 days and replace with another). I finally can sleep through the night and sleep much deeply than before. ( I also use 1 mg. Deserel) I use less Vicodine, only use when I have a pain break through.

      I just started this but my Vicodine is down from 90 pills a month to 60pills and we will see at the end of the month if there is a marked improvement. I can feel some now, and I am very happy. Best of all the patch costs $10.00 per month verses $30.00 per month. When my Medicare Part D gets to the (as they call it) “The Grand Canyon, where the generic is the only drug covered and you pay full price for anything else, and lasts till you have paid out about $4000.00 out of your pocket). If not concidered a generic, it will cost $140.00 a month, and my Vicodine will cost $107.00 a month without help. Time will tell.

      Hope you have a good insurance.


    • Anonymous
      April 13, 2007 at 12:33 am

      Hi Bill,
      You might discuss with your doctor the possibility of trying Amitriptyline. It’s an antidepressant, but also works on nerve pain. It can take a couple of weeks to start working, but the only side effect I’ve experienced is some weight gain. It also helps me sleep better. I have been taking 75 mg at night, but just recently reduced that down to 50 mg.
      I agree there is some trial & error involved. Lyrica & Neurontin didn’t work so well for me.
      Good luck!
      Debbie in Miami

    • Anonymous
      April 14, 2007 at 6:22 pm

      There are many of us who are on Cymbalta for nerve pain. At the moment I am on 60mg x2/day. I find this really helps for my all over pain, unfortunately the greater hand and foot pain expeirenced when writing, cooking, doing exercises etc. was becoming almost a constant and the Cymbalta wasnt doing anything for it. That is why my doc decided to put me on Lyrica. He started me on 150mg x2/day, but because of my side-effects decided to reduce it down to 50mg and work up. It definitely helped my hands, and I didnt realize how constant and disruptive the burning and cramping was until I stopped having the feelings, I even realized that I was constantly massaging my hands to try and help the pain. Lets see if the side effects dissipate, hopefully the benefit to my hands will still be there.

    • April 15, 2007 at 8:59 am

      is this not a depress med? Im on Lyrica 2 a day, and the pain is unblieven hurting. I would think I need some more med while it hurt so much.

    • Anonymous
      April 15, 2007 at 11:14 am


      Over the years I have tried several. I was on Paxil before GBS and am still taking it – 20 mg. I was on neurotin for years, then stopped that as it seemed not to help. I am on amitryptiline 25-50 as needed and have gained about 30 lbs. over the past 3-4 years 😮 It is in the classication of antidepressant, but it is not an SSRI. I just started a new multi vitamin with lots of B12 and hope I can cut out the amitryptiline and lose some weight as the docs are now telling me that is the priority so I don’t get diabetes. Oh, and I did try Cymbalta last year for about 4 months and had a very scary time mentally with it and it seemed to not help after a couple of months. Like Ali, I don’t have to worry about the fertility issue, but I think if that is on your agenda I wouldn’t take anything to jepordize (?sp) that!

      Good Luck!

    • Anonymous
      April 15, 2007 at 12:58 pm


      When you say that you take 2 a day, how many milligrams are the capsules?? That seems like a pretty small dosage if they are 100mg capsules. I have to take 600mg a day (200mg x 3 times per day) in order to get the relief I need.


      [quote=tofraljos]is this not a depress med? Im on Lyrica 2 a day, and the pain is unblieven hurting. I would think I need some more med while it hurt so much.[/quote]

    • Anonymous
      April 16, 2007 at 12:20 am

      I had no luck with Amitriptyline and vicodine could not relief me enough and both seem to make me sick to my stomach. I have been on Lyrica and Topamax for almost a year now. The only side effect was the weight gain but i think i have that under control now with swimming and dieting alittle. I am on 600mg as Jerimy, sometimes a little more if i need but i feel nothing has relieved this pain as well as Lyrica for me. Good Luck Bill.

    • Anonymous
      April 16, 2007 at 11:22 am

      Thank you to everybody who responded to my post, I really appreciate it very much.
      After much deliberation and talking it over with my wife, I decided to try the [B]Lyrica[/B] for the 2 weeks until my follow-up visit to the neurologist April 25th. I am taking 50mg twice a day to start, then I will increase to 3x a day next week. I only started it Friday night, so I havent taken alot of it yet. I do feel a [I]slight[/I] lessening of my leg pain, but nothing dramatic yet. When I have also taken the Vicodin occasionally the last few days, I do notice better leg pain relief with the 2 combined. I only have a small amount of the Vicodin left, however. The biggest difference from the Lyrica I’ve noticed so far is that the constant “tight” feeling I’ve always had in my stomach since my GBS seems to be much better.
      So far I havent experienced any [I]too[/I] horrible side effects. No real dizziness, but I do have slightly blurry vision, and periods where I feel slightly “drunk”. My eyes seem to be burning a little. I haven’t had somnolence, and actually I’ve had the opposite–trouble sleeping.
      Ali, I too feel weird stiffness in my hands, particularly in my wrists. I also didn’t notice exactly how disruptive and constant my nerve pain was until I was on Vicodin for a week last October and felt so much better, got much more done, had better concentration, etc. After being in pain since 1995, it felt quite amazing to be relatively pain free for a week.
      Angel2nd class, I’ve never taken neurontin or Gabapentin. I’ve tried amitryptyline a few years ago and had to stop taking it due to side effects. I was given a precsription for Cymbalta a few months ago, after I decided not to try the Lyrica, but I was weary of taking an anti-depressant and after talking with my dr and decided not to try it. I tried Topamax, and also had to stop that due to side effects.
      Regarding the fertility, it did worry me the most of all the listed side effects. I spoke to someone at Pfizer the other day who advised waiting 6 months after stopping Lyrica before getting pregnant. Since we are planning for next summer/winter, if I am still on Lyrica , I’ll have to stop taking it around March or April 2008.
      Thanks [I]so[/I] much again everyone, and I’ll keep you updated on its effectiveness and its side effects~~

    • May 18, 2007 at 9:11 pm

      I take 300 mg x2 and 225 x1 of Lyrica, they increast it for I have been having terrible pain in my foot