lumbar puncture / CSF results

    • Anonymous
      September 19, 2013 at 9:40 pm

      Hello –

      I am yet to be diagnosed, after enduring almost 2 years of discomfort and, more recently, outright suffering. Had spinal tap 2 weeks ago. Results are normal, including OCBs and IgG panel, EXCEPT for elevated CSF protein of 75 (normal for the lab 15-45) & “albumin index” of 14 where nml is 8-9. The high protein would point toward CIDP, I believe. An albumin index of 14 indicates slight-to-moderate impairment of the blood-CSF barrier, but not sure what to make of it.

      Don’t follow with Neuro until 10/25, but I might get him to order EMG / NCV ahead of then, which I think could be a logical next step. Previous EMG/NCV 1-1/2 years ago were neg, but my nerves have to be a lot more fried now (and possibly my current health facility might do it better). Have had 3 MRI’s all neg (2 brain, 1 cervical).

      Curious about others’ experiences of having elevevated CSF protein in getting diagnosed, etc. Anyone ever told of having an “impaired blood-CSF barrier” (high albumin index)?

      Thank you!


    • GH
      September 19, 2013 at 11:58 pm

      It’s best to leave judgments about how to proceed to the neurologist, in my opinion, so I can’t relate to “get him to order …”. Elevated protein is an indicator of GBS or CIDP, as I was told by my neurologist, who had diagnosed GBS. After my spinal fluid test I merely asked him whether the test result was consistent with the diagnosis. He said it was. That was good enough for me. Leave medicone to medical doctors, I say.

      My diagnosis was later changed to CIDP based on the progression of my symptoms and on NCV and EMG tests. I never heard of the “blood-CSF barrier.”