leaky gut update

    • March 4, 2010 at 7:19 pm

      blood work, stool, hair, saliva all came back. 😮 Indeed we do have leaky gut as the stool sample indicates high yeast which is the cause of lg 80% of the time. As well, vit D has gone from 22 to 17 in 7 months, magnesium, calcium and others also are depleted. Malabsorption, another symptom of lg. Tehrapy consists of probiotics,prebiotics vit d in liquid form, 12 drops equiv to 10000 iu under the tongue, no taste. It is absorbed 100% into the body this way I guess?:eek: yeast killer etc.

      About the worms. If we were to take them, lg could be cured w/in 6 months, upon deeper research they are not yet legal here. Maybe soon, it is in phase 3 trial. FDA gave approval to two docs who have been doing the research. Curently another trial is open in u of wisc for ms. The worms are real, crohns, ms lupus sjrojens people are in remission. You can go to Tijuana or canada to get them, thousands of people do. You can check them out on a heleminthe therapy forum. Since they are adults, they can go to the other countries and get them innoculated there and come home. We are a minor, so dcfs could intervene because the therapy ois not approved. I don’t think foster care would provide ivig:eek: This last abstract I read suggests that big pharma is already processing these worms and things look promising:eek: http://www.ccfa.org-ccfaprof-ibd-journal oh well, have to go back next week, we talked for 2 hours and only got through 1/2 of the results.

      BTW!!!! besides the pro-pre-biotics, yeast removal etc. It is imperative to have allergies checked, as the more food/chemicals that you are allergic to and exposed to, the more poisins that go into your blood, causing neuro toxins. Tired today, too much to elaborate on!

    • Anonymous
      March 5, 2010 at 12:49 pm

      Dawn, Good luck with the therapy recommended. Hope you get good results. I am little lost on the worm aspect of this, so I can’t comment on that.