IVIG and allergic reactions to other things

    • Anonymous
      May 29, 2007 at 12:11 pm

      Hi all. Now that the warm weather is here, the mosquitos are coming back and I’m getting a little panicky. I seem to have developed a hypersensitive (allergic) reaction to mosquito bites. Never had problems before, but last year, after my first infusion, which was near the end of the summer, I had what seemed like 100 bites after being outside past dark. However, it got worse and red spots seemed to keep coming out over the next 2 days; conclusion: some were hives. It was unbearable. Now, this weekend, I got a few bites and the same thing seems to be happening. My hand is totally swollen after what looked like 1 bite on my finger, and there also are red areas (hives?) near the bite. I’m thinking that I can’t go outside anymore!

      Since allergies are mediated by the immune system, I’m thinking that the IVIG (other people’s antibodies in my system) is causing the hypersensitivity. Has anyone noticed new allergies since IVIG? Just wondering if I’m alone,


    • May 29, 2007 at 2:05 pm

      Caryn, I know you said you are not a phone person, but if you change your mind, talking goes alot faster than my typing. Funny you should be talking about alergic reactions, I was just reading some info on ivig and allergic reactions from gammaguard. Kevie I believe had his trigger from 3 bee stings in a 8 hour time frame and then our story began. Anyway, one of the reactions that interested me was blister like rashes. Since Kevie has had ivig, he occasionally gets 4-6 little blister type hive looking rashes on his body, some are significantly post ivig, the first time I noticed them was actually 5 1/2 months post ivig and every time since. They hurt, itch, blister, pop and when they are gone sometimes leave a brown mark.

      Just a thought, perhaps you just have developed an alergic reaction as you have aged, to mosquitos, maybe it has nothing to do with ivig. In the article from gammaguard, it mentioned that with ivig, there are less infections, colds, allergies. In Kevies case, that has been true, he has not had a cold or his regular seasonal allergies since ivig.

      It would be so sad for you not to go out! Maybe you could wear a light long sleeve tee shirt and spray it with a repellant that has deet (deep woodsman) If you sit on your patio often, how about an abundance of mosquito plants? Good luck to you! Dawn Kevies mom (Downers Grove) 😮

    • Anonymous
      May 29, 2007 at 4:05 pm

      Hi Dawn. I know typing is less efficient, but I’d rather not talk too much in front of my co-workers. This is more private.

      Like Kevie, I haven’t had a major cold or flu since becoming ill — the most I get is a couple days of feeling bad and then get better. I haven’t noticed any change in my existing allergies, though. Still take Claritin daily. Just this new reaction to the mosquito bites. Thanks for the plant suggestion — I’ll talk to my husband, the “gardener.” I’m not much of an outdoors person, so more indoor time wouldn’t be that great a loss, but I do enjoy being outside now and then — especially when the weather is perfect, like it was Saturday.

      Sorry about Kevie’s rashes. I haven’t had any reaction to IVIG. With such a long time interval, are you sure they are from that? Is there something else that could possibly be giving him hives? Pets or contact with other animals at home or school? Just a thought.