interferon with ribavirin and ivig

    • Anonymous
      March 28, 2008 at 10:19 pm

      Has anyone had are know of anyone taking this combination at the same time? I am on my third day of my second 5 day loading of ivig 6 weeks apart.I will begin taking interferon an ribavirin, for hep c soon.
      If anyone has any info I would like to hear.If you have an opinion I would like to hear that too.

    • March 29, 2008 at 10:56 am

      Hi Willie,I don’t know anything about those drugs, or hep c, but I did notice you mentioned you get ivig every six weeks. IVIG only lasts six weeks at best, and has a half life of 21 days. You mention that you do not see a great difference when you get the ivig. For instance, some people with mild isues might be able to get the benefit of ivig for the full 42 days, because their bodies are producing less auto antibodies. So they do not use up the ivig as fast (easy way to explain it, way more complex) Kevin can probably go 41/2 months with out seeing any symptoms, by month five and six, his relapse increases, due to auto antibodies over producing the antibodies, or building up. The objective, both our immuno. and neuro feel you have to keep the auto antibody production at bay. If you start feeling symptoms, the demylienation has already started. The only way to do this is to flood the body with ivig (anti bodies) and keep demylienation at ground zero.

      Would it be possible to ask the doc for loading doses a month apart, then you could stay ahead of the full life. Others need it even more often. Some are getting loading doses every three or four weeks apart. It is just a game of trial and error. Sometimes more error until you find the plan that suits your needs best.
      Try pm’ing Jerimy, I think he has autoimmune hep c, he is really nice about helping people.