I wanted to say thasnkyou to the replys i got

    • Anonymous
      September 26, 2008 at 5:27 pm

      Hello. i wanted to say thankyou to everyone who replied to my posts. yall are awesome i fell like i can talk to yall about anything. This disease (GBS) is so terrible it turned my life around when i was 21. i was just starting in college just got out of high school. was working part time at walmart.I was on my way to persue my future. untill that aweful day in august 23 2001. I felt so depressed when i was in the hospital. I found out who my friends really were. and I had the best family and Close friends anyone could imagine. but i was depressed for the fact that i was told i wasnt going 2 walk for a yr or so. that it was going to take me a while to recover and i would have some residule from this disease. It was just aweful. brought my spirits and hopes down. well i lived in the hospital for a month and transfered to a rehab hospital lived there for a 2 months. i had the best amazing thereapists. they were angels to me. I have a small lil story to tell. Well as i was leaving the rehab ready to go home. everyone was taking pictures in my room at the rehab. everyone was saying there good byes and it was a sad but happy day. well the next week my mom developed the pics and on one pic it was with me in my wheel chair and my mom next to me taking a picture together. She never left my sight by the way..well behind me there was this bright light shaped as a cross in the wall. noone was behind me at that time but it was amazing. i feel that there was an angel over me. And i believe there were angels with me through this horrible ordeal. Well like i said im happy with 2 very gorgous babies and They are my life. I do have the fear of a relapse espeacially when i get sick but i have to be strong and fight the sickness because i have children now and they depend on me. I love them toooo much to let this disease take over again. But i just wanted to say thankyou to all who replys to my posts. Makes me feel great and loved by you all.

      Christina, Wichita falls, Tx