I got to have surgery again! This Friday!

    • Anonymous
      December 17, 2008 at 9:37 am

      Hello family! I have not been online for a while due to me being sick again. Last weekend after I got my Rituxan Infusion I came down with the flu! Ohh my gosh! That was no fun! I got so sick that Andy ended up having to rush me to the hospital. I was dehydrated by the time he took me and was having bad pain in my lower abdomin. Which I have diverticulitis. So they admitted me and kept me for 3 days. While there they did a CT Scan on my lower abdomin and a few other test and found adhesions growing around my lower bowel and bladder from a past surgery I had many years back. What a let down!:( Was too sick for surgery then so they scheduled me for this Friday at 8 in the morning. Told me I will be in the hospital for at least 2 days if I do okay but if not I may be longer. But the doctor feels like I will do okay. They plan on doing a colonoscopy to check the diverticulitis area and may have to repair that and then they are going to cut me open and get rid of the adhesions. Doctor said that one area of the bowel looks like it is getting ready to get obstructed. And if they don’t do the surgery it can cause death to that part of the bowel if not repaired now. Called it bowel necrosis! So here I go again!

      Well at least I now know why I hurt down there all the time. And it will be fixed and the pain there should go away. Just hate getting cut open! I am chicken!
      Got home Wednesday and rested for two days! Then Friday night I get a bad phone call. My Uncle in Virginia died. That tore me apart because he was like a father to me. I used to live with them while going to school in Virginia to become an Licensed Optician. So I have an adopted father and aunt along with two brother cousins and one sister cousin. Andy fought with me telling me I was too sick to go. But I insisted on being there. We stayed until Monday and I did rest alot while being there. Got home Monday and died! I was wore out. So I had to rest again two more days!

      Now I have to get ready for my hospital stay and probably won’t be back online until one day next week! I have had a few days of crying alot over my uncle. Here he was sick and never told me and they were calling me all summer to check on me and not once did he ever tell me he was terminal. So my heart bleeds right now. I hurt really bad when my real father died. But my Uncle John after my father passed was there for me and pulled me up many times. Now I have lost my second father! Before we left my Aunt gave me a few things of my Uncles to cherish and that was so nice of her! But it will never replace my Uncle.
      Hopefully next week after my surgery, I will feel better to post! I am depressed right now! Not because of the surgery but more because I lost my Uncle John! And am having crying spells over loosing him! So I really don’t need to be online right now until I feel better!
      Well at least they found my pain problem in my abdomin and it’s going to get fixed. That diverticulitis stuff with a virus is no fun! And I did not know I had adhesions. It was from a hysterectomy I had years back. After that surgery I noticed I would get pain in my bladder area and lower bowels. Just figured it was slow recovery from that surgery. Then one doctor after I complained said I had IBS! Well! That is going to get fixed and I will feel much better when I get well. Only thing that scares me is my CIDP acting up. They took me off the Rituxan right now and replaced it with prednisone. Going to try Methotrexate instead to see if that will help. But after I heal from surgery. The Rituxan though was helping me in some ways but was making me so sick! I was actually getting strength in my legs and started noticing it last week before I got sick!
      Will post when I return home from surgery! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you all do well! Me! I am going to be okay! Just will be hurting from the surgery but will do fine! Hugs my family!
      Linda H