Help wit Disabilty

    • Anonymous
      March 8, 2008 at 7:02 pm

      I got sick in 8-05 and was approved for Disabilty in 3-06 and since then have not ben able to work. Lately i have ben able to work only part time because of being so tired. but i am afraid to work because what if i get so sick again and wont be able to get benfits back. So the question is when we feel better do we work or do we just contiue to get our benfits?

      thanks for any help

    • Anonymous
      March 8, 2008 at 11:15 pm

      In past people were allowed to make
      up to a certain amount each month in
      addition to their SSDI; people were
      encouraged to Work. May be different now.
      The SS site has the latest info.
      If your health regresses, you
      can always go back to SSDI ‘full-time’.
      Whatever you do let SSDI KNOW FIRST.


    • Anonymous
      March 14, 2008 at 1:59 am

      Here’s what you wanted to know from my thread here [url][/url]



      If you get disability SS has a program called ticket to work where your local vocational rehab office tries to get you a job or training/school so you can work again. In my state they will pay $1700 a semester for tuition or pay for training programs or even send you to their training center to teach you how to work in Information Technology.

      If you go back to work

      Every month you make more than the minimum ssi payment – $640 this year and $670 in 2008 – is called a “Trial Work Month”. It doesnt matter if you make $1000000 or $700. After 9 of these months in any 5 year period you enter a grace period. You still receive your full benefits this entire time.
      After the grace period -12 months of working – anytime you make more than $940 you will not receive a check*********************************************
      Your children wont receive a check************************************
      If you make $930 – you still receive a check**********************
      If the next month you dont work at all or drop below $940 your checks will resume

      If you never earn more than $640 in a month you will never have any trial work periods and never enter the other areas.

      If you go back to work full time and make more than the $940 limit although your checks will stop Medicare will stay for about 8 years!!!!!!!!!!! 93 months to be exact as long as you still have the same condition. Your premium will remain the same.


      If you enter the ticket to work program they will not reassess your disability status while you are in it. The only requirement to stay in it is to make some kind of money – not sure if there is a dollar amount cuz I dont remember that part but they dont require you to make enough to kill your benefits or enter a trial period.
      That system will last until you switch over to the retirement side of SS.

      I’m glad the thread is still there cuz I forgot the details!
      You dont have to go to vocational rehab but if you do use them to report your work etc they will pay for things you need to get back to work – canes, walkers, chairs, ramps, fitted vehicles, prescriptions etc