Happy Anniversary to Me!

    • Anonymous
      June 16, 2011 at 10:32 pm

      It’s June 16th and 1st anniversary since my diagnosis. I’ve come a long way. I noticed a recent improvement. I can stand with my feet together, eyes shut and arms out stretched. This and without wobbling, standing perfectly still. I still feel partly numb from my ankles down, but the tingling is mostly gone. I sometimes forget that there are residuals.

      Harry, congratulations on getting the disability.

      Chris, what were you saying about problems with your hands? The guy playing guitar on your youtube video doesn’t have hand issues.

      Take care everyone!


    • June 16, 2011 at 11:02 pm

      hey mark

      you kick ass and you know it, no keeping you down…I love how you move forward..I hope you are enjoying everything..

      rock on friend

    • Anonymous
      June 17, 2011 at 12:50 pm

      Congratulations, Mark, to your body on its achievements! And it has only been One year. You will see even more improvements in the next year. Those poor nerves take a long time to repair…but they will!
      I attended a wholistic expo last month in Allentown and had a sclerologist look at the lines on the whites of my eyes. It is another diagnostic tool for the body to give us a heads up…like iridology and reflexology. He doubted what it showed and said, “You don’t have a problem with motor skills, do you???” He was surprised when I smiled and said that I do, but they are not that noticeable. I explained that my body was recuperating from GBS of 5 years ago. It doesn’t show up in my walking, but going down steps I take one at a time. Just to be careful. I don’t feel as grounded as I used to…think I could fall over easier if I were pushed.
      Mark, I applaud your positive celebratory attitude…your body is repairing and needs to be recognized for its wonderful ability. While we work, sleep, watch tv – the body is busy doing its best to keep us healthy. Amazing…think of how far you have come.