Gluten allergy and nerve diseases

    • Anonymous
      September 25, 2007 at 2:42 pm

      I have been posting and speaking to some of you in the past and I have some news about tests I have taken. It seems that there MAY be a link between nerve diseases and gluten allergies. When it comes to NEW therapies I am very suspicious. I also love to cook and eat lots of different foods. So when my tests came back at 3 – 4 times the correct gluten count I have decided to go gulten free and try it out. Here’s the problem…EVERYTHING HAS GLUTEN IN IT!!!. I’m 34 and I have already given up on many of the things I love, ie jogging, sports, etc… to think I need to give up all wheat products (which I thought were better for me) is very scary to say the least.

      Anyway I was wondering if anyone has tried a gluten free diet and had any positive results? The doctor I am speaking with is involved in
      “functional medicine” and has a unique perspective on healthy gut bacterias and there impact on the immune system. For those interested feel free to call
      Interacare/Williams Clinic in Minnesota.
      100 South 2nd Street
      PO Box 296
      Sartell MN 56377

      My results just got back and I would like to see if this affect anyone else here.

    • Anonymous
      September 26, 2007 at 6:10 pm

      Hi Mac,

      Last May I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I was 20 years old, had stomach problems since I was four (incorrectly being dxed with lactose intolerance), and had NO idea how I was going to go gluten free. I mean, 20 years of eating gluten, how can you stop that? Plus I’m a vegetarian.

      But the day I was diagnosed was the last day I ever ate gluten. It’s amazing how much better I feel. The first few months were insanely tough. I didn’t understand what I could and couldn’t eat, so I mostly ate plain rice and fruit. I wasn’t willing to spend the extra money on gluten free subsitutes because I wasn’t willing to accept the new situation. Besides, so many of them tasted so bad, what was the point?

      But then I visited the magical world that is whole foods (if you live near one, you know they have their own amazing brand of gluten free baked goods). I discovered tinkayda pasta. I learned what brands ice cream (breyers, haagen daz, some ben and jerrys) , mayo (helmans, smart balance), soy sauce (san-j tamari wheat free, la choy) , etc have modified food starch or wheat and what don’t. I found gluten free beer and learned to appricate gluten free versions of pizza, bagels, and cookies.

      You learn where you can go out to eat (indian food, most mexican foods, a good amount of mediterianian food, salad (with oil and vinager), eggs, sushi, rissotto, rice and vegetables are all safe – and those are just vegetarian choices) and you learn to be a better cook at home. Your family and friends will suprise you too, as they are willing to go to places you can eat at.

      In the end, it’s really not so hard after all. It’s just the adjustment period that’s rough. I know you don’t have celiac per se, but when you feel as bad as we often do, isn’t it worth to try anything – especially something as easy/ non medical as a change in diet. Even a temporary change in diet?

      Please feel free to message me with any gluten free questions or anxieties. After 17 months, I’m an old pro.

      Good luck with it,