Gina, friends gather at fund-raiser

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      May 21, 2007 at 8:13 am

      Gina, friends gather at fund-raiser
      Over the course of the past five months, Gina Siedentopf hasn’t felt like herself, and understandably so.

      Since being diagnosed with Guillian-Barre Syndrome in December 2006, the 2001 Anderson High School graduate has spent a good deal of time in bed, be it at a hospital or, more recently, at home.

      For the first time in months, Gina visited with friends and family in a more social setting at Anderson High School on Saturday, May 19.

      During the Goals-4-Gina fundraiser, created by Claudia and Lauren Gruber, the former collegiate soccer player (2005 Ohio University graduate) was able to use her walker to enjoy an afternoon outdoors.

      Considering Gina began 2007 near paralysis, the continued progress has been welcomed with open arms.

      Ever the avid athlete, she didn’t spend much time sitting around while growing up in Anderson Township.

      But GBS attacks the nervous system, rendering Gina virtually paralyzed from the neck down.

      However, for the past three weeks, Gina has been mobile with a walker.

      “I’ve been feeling pretty good and getting around a lot better,” Gina said. “It feels good to be moving more, and not just laying in bed.”

      The recovery process has unfolded in small steps, but steady ones.

      “Getting home was my first goal,” Gina said. “Walking independently is the next step.”

      For Lauren, a teammate on Gina’s high school soccer team, the situation has been heartbreaking and inspiring, all at once.

      “The fact that it could happen to anyone is really scary,” Lauren said of GBS. “It was really shocking, because we had never even heard of it. It’s been really nice to see her progress.”

      Having coached junior varsity soccer for w High School in fall 2006, Gina is anxiously awaiting the day she can retire the walker.

      “I’m going to get back to my normal life,” Gina said, estimating she will discard the walker in the next month. “(My faith) and the amazing support of my family and friends helped me (get through the difficult time).”

    • Anonymous
      May 21, 2007 at 8:42 am

      Thanks for posting that story, John. Love her positive attitude.:)