Gbs & Me

    • Anonymous
      June 10, 2008 at 7:31 pm

      i had a severe breakout of cold sores on my mouth in late sept 2006 then i fell on halloween 2006, then on nov. 5 2006 i was sick all day and the rest of the week i was just so weak. myb mom kept coming over to check on me & one evening i started down the hall to bathroom and fell down she helped me to bathroom and i fininshed and walked a few feet out into the hall & fell down again & told her to call the squaud they came & asked me if i could get on gurnie i told them i fall down they put me on took me out the house hooked me all up & thats all i remenber. mom said the hospital kept me 6 hours and gave me fluids and said i was dehydradted from flu. a few days later my mom came back and i guess i was just laying around she called my dad to come over he grabed the neighbor guy and the 3 of them put me in the car & took me back too hospital. my mom told them it wasnt the flu i was here a few days ago & i cant walk or move around. i was admitted & i was there 4 days & a neurologist came & examined me & said i have GBS & i needed to go to a hospital up north where they have the plasmapheresis equipment. so i was admitted up there. the plasamaphareresis was done 5 times over 10 days. i was there about 20 days. then from there i was admitted into a rehabilitation center. the first night i was there they found me unresponsive in my bed so i was transported to there local hospital. i was taking vicoden for the pain and it just happened it didnt metabolize in my system & built up a toxic tolerence. when i was in the er they gave me that drug that they give people who od , i had to take it 2 times to get me to come out of it.i was then admitted & was there for a week. i then went back to the rehab center i dont know for how long i eas there but i had a manic attack so off to the hospital again. i was still so sick with the gbs & the bipolar& recovering from a bowel infection i was admitted again for a week.i then went back to the rehab center , i was there a total of 8 weeks. it was so aggressive & thats all you do is therapies all kinds. it got to the point i plateued & it was 8 weeks they told me i would have to go where there is a skilled nursing facility. my mom went and checked them out got me set up in on in our local community so on jan 24,2007 i was transfered from rehab center to local nursing home. i remember screaming & crying because of the pain at the nursing they had to get a hold of dr. because the order they had for pain was tylenol. NOT HELPING AT ALL!!!. the dr. agreeded to darvocet. that helped a little. they had pts come to my room & do passive exersizes with me . they also had to have a nurses aide come & feed me in my room during meal times. i reversed & became paralized all 4’s again & severe pain. then when i was feeling better i would go to the theapy room and do my therapy. i made some friends in the nursing home. i was there from jan 24, 2007 till sept. 17,2007. then i went home & continued theapy at the hospital healthplex. i was 38 when i got sick & now im 40. it has been 20 months of gbs &me. i get tired of this alot of the time. i try to keep my hope & faith. sometimes i dont go exersize because my feet and hands hurt so bad. has anyone had exeperiences like this or have any suggestions?
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