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    I am in the upstate NY area and have an appointment in Long Island as well as possibly at John hopkins.

    Anyone know of any resources that help with Hotel and Transportation costs.

    I have no finances left. I really need a specialist



    I wish I knew of something to help you. Have you considered any fund raising? When my husband needed a BMT years ago, we did a lot of that and it helped quite a bit. Hope you manage to get what you need or someone else might have another thought? God bless you! And all of us for that matter, that have to deal with this disease or condition, or whatever you want to call it!
    Wendy 🙂



    P.S. I was diagnosed 2 days after my 55th birthday 12/10/2010. Happy birthday, right??? [I][B] NOT![/B][/I]
    Wendy 😎



    One of my classmates was dx with a severe case of GBS in October, even to the point where they had to suture her eyes shut, also on a vent for almost 3 months. She is home now, going to inpatient rehab, walking with a walker, has full use of her upper body back. But even though she has insurance, there were many out-of-pocket expenses, so her church is putting on a big spaghetti dinner & silent auction for her this month. There are a lot of those up here, but it is easier when you live in a small town where everybody knows everyone. Best of luck…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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