Eye Problems

    • Anonymous
      August 30, 2008 at 2:56 pm

      Hi! To All!
      I have a question about eye problems.
      I went to get new glasses 2 weeks ago, diag. with macular degeneration & went Wed for a special eye x-ray. Now she is telling me I have deteration in my right retna. I am going to see an optimologist who specializes in retnial problems.
      Has anyone diag. with GBS had this happen to them?

    • August 30, 2008 at 4:15 pm

      Have not investigated, only what I read here. There is a miller fisher varient. Some on the site have had issues with sight. Try a search on the site, I remember there being many discussions.
      Dawn Kevies mom

    • Anonymous
      August 30, 2008 at 7:08 pm

      I too have had all kinds of eyes problems with my attack in June. One eye lost some vision in it that changed drastically. Then I had the muscle under the eye lid that twitched it’s brains out and drove me nuts. And this past week one eye started feeling like I had a piece of grit in the eye causing pain and tearing.
      I don’t know what the heck it is I have but am getting down right sick of it! Don’t know what the next day will bring me here! I feel for you Cathy! Maybe soon we will both get well soon and be rid of this nasty stuff! Hugs
      In fact! I wished we all were well again and had a cure that we would be back to normal again!

    • Anonymous
      August 30, 2008 at 9:20 pm

      This probably has nothing to do with your eye problem, but it might. I was feeling really spacey and lost more than half my vision in my left eye. I discovered that it was due to eating Soy. When I cut out the soy, my vision returned in a day or two. I wonder if you are eating something to which you are highly allergic. I think the GBS hits us when we are vunerable – it is the final straw that knocks us for a loop. Just consider this as a possibility. Had I gone to the eye doctor, I would have kept eating the soy and God only knows what would have happened – medications, treatments, operations, etc.

    • Anonymous
      August 31, 2008 at 12:27 am

      I was dx with the Miller Fisher Variant and GBS. But my symptoms were migraines, double vision, left eyelid almost closed and right eyelid drooping. No eye movement in both eyes and eye pain. I also had trouble closing my eyes to sleep. I had to have eye drops (artificial tears) and an ointment at night that helped keep my eyes closed while trying to sleep. I have not been back to the eye doc yet but I know my eye sight has changed, my “Cheaters” have had to be increased in strength. It took about 3 months for the symptoms to start to go away.
      Carolyn, how did you figure out soy was part of your problem?
      Best wishes to you all!

    • Anonymous
      August 31, 2008 at 10:03 am

      The thing is guys I have had no symptoms!:confused:
      The macular degeneration is a herideitary thing (no one in my family has it) except my mother-in-law. Now I realize I have been married to her son for 35 yrs. BUT we are are not blood related:eek:
      As for thr retnia degeneration I just don’t get it. Well anyway I go to the Dr. on Wed. Maybe he will be able to make me better understasnd.
      Thanks for the insight.
      Carplyn, I DO NOT eat soy so that would not be a problem for me.:D

    • Anonymous
      August 31, 2008 at 9:05 pm

      Heredity “may” play a role in macular degeneration…not always. It could also be environmental toxins, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis,free radical damage, aging. It is the leading cause of vision loss in those over 55. It can progress slowly or come on suddenly. There is a wet kind and a dry kind. But I forget which is worse…I think the wet. You might want to ask you doctor about this. Good luck.

      I read alot and use my intuition when it comes to my health. I listen to the little voice that we all have. Most people are too busy to listen.

    • Anonymous
      September 1, 2008 at 1:08 am

      I have noticed people over the years and when they get about 55 or 60 they start having trouble with their eyes watering really bad and they will have their hankies out wiping their eyes really alot while just siting and talking to you. I would have to guess it is just age mostly and maybe a very small percentage is allergies of sorts. Just listening with my eyes while talking to people of the above mentioned age group. lol 🙂
      Clear sailing to all.

      Drummer Man