Denture adhesive – PoliGrip Fixodent

    • Anonymous
      March 15, 2011 at 3:48 pm

      I attempted to see if there were any posts on this subject and did not find any, if there are I apologize. I am currently under treatment for CIDP and have had GBS in the past. I am 68 and have had dentures for over 40 years and have used these type of products. My wife was surfing the net last evening and found a major group of law suits against the manufacturers of these products. She continued reading and discovered that POSSIBLY long term usage of these products can cause Zinc poisoning. The point is, the symptoms of this condition are almost identical to GBS and CIDP, and the symptoms are even mentioned in the article along with the possibility of misdiagnosis of GBS and CIDP. This is just a FYI, if you have further interest Google “Fixodent lawsuits” or “Poligrip law suits.” I am having my levels checked tomorrow. I don’t know if this is just lawyers looking for something new to sue about or it has any credence.