Daily TV pgm called: "Your Health"

    • Anonymous
      January 8, 2007 at 3:52 pm

      Hi Everybody,

      Do you get cable / satellite TV — specifically the Family Net channel? We have DirecTV and I think it’s channel 321 — but it may actually be a different number in your area… ??? Family Net has a lot of religion shows too.

      ANYWAY — there is a [B]holistic health program[/B] that I watch (TiVo) called [B]”Your Health” [/B]hosted by [B]Dr Richard Becker [/B]and his wife Cindy. They broadcast from Texas but the 60 min show is available nationwide – daily M-F. The time will depend on where you live.

      The format of the show is that Dr Becker discusses health news — trials info, research findings etc — then he and his wife have some discussion if there is a specific topic for the day — like thyroid issues or whatever — sometimes they have guest doctors participate in the discussion. The last half of the show is when they take calls from listeners. Dr Becker makes “recommendations”, and then often sends a “care package” of supplements or books to the caller. He is very careful to say that he is NOT your doctor and is providing information for you to then talk to your doctor about. etc etc. I’ve heard him say to callers that the caller must check with their doctor before discontinuing any medicine — that he obviously hasn’t seen them etc etc.

      Dr Becker is an osteopath (D.O.) in Texas. Osteopaths generally have a holistic approach to health. Eight or nine (?) years ago he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He went through traditional medicine’s treatment – chemo, etc — but as a result of this experience he got [U]more[/U] into holistic / nutritional therapies and developed this show as a way to share the knowledge. He and his wife are very spiritual and that comes across in the show often.

      OK — one thing to keep in mind is that he does [I]sell [/I]supplements and that is an important consideration. Having said that, I just have to say that I have learned quite a lot watching his program — only a couple of times did I feel like it was an infomercial and that was when he had other guest doctors on that had written a book or something. I do take a lot of supplements and I do buy my probiotics from his BioInnovations company — I really appreciate the information / research that he presents.

      Here is a link to read more about the TV pgm “Your Health” and Dr Becker.


      I watched the show today and a caller had MS. Dr Becker was talking about what to do HOLISTICALLY / NUTRITIONALLY if someone were ill with a chronic condition like MS — anyway, I was thinking I might try to call in to see if he had any recommendations for GBS but I think it might be a more productive call if someone who had the condition made the call — in case he asked questions specific to symptoms etc.

      Best wishes..