Corticosteroids, immune-suppressing drugs & Osteoperosis

    • Anonymous
      July 13, 2010 at 4:38 pm

      “Corticosteroids and other immune-suppressing drugs are used when the body’s immune system is believed to be destroying cells.” Taken from

      For various types of immunosuppressive medications go here:

      Then, consider this: “..However, a major factor that leads to bone loss is the immunosuppressive therapy, steroids, and potentially some of the other medications required after surgery in order to have a successful organ transplant…”

      The above quote is from:

      That site is the New York State Osteoporosis Prevention Education Program (NYSOPEP)

      Disclaimer: I realize that most of us are taking doses usually much lower than a transplant patient would. Still, have you had your Vit D3 levels checked lately? Me, no, but I will.

      Finally, it’s not in the title but I’ll throw it in for free:

      “To prevent organ rejection, transplant patients receive medications to suppress the immune system, the body’s biological defense against infection, viruses, and disease. They are left even more vulnerable to skin cancer than patients who have HIV/AIDs or receive cancer chemotherapy.”


      Ditto on the Disclaimer. The bottom line- Use sun screen frequently.