Cidp and Trauma

    • Anonymous
      June 15, 2010 at 11:49 am

      Ok so here is a little about my situation and i guess i’m looking for anybody who has had a similar experience. In december 2008 I slipped and fell at work. This fall caused me to rupture my two lower discs in my back. When the discs were ruptured/displaced they were compromising my s1 nerve which controls the nerves to my right leg. I had an immediate onset of burning in my right leg with numbness, burning, tingling etc. The simptoms persisted and they finally after a year and a half sent me for nerve conduction studies as they felt these simptoms were not keeeping with the orignal injury. In Jan of this year 2010 i did the nerve tests coming back abnormal in all my extremities. So the Emg specialist said he needed to do further testing and see what was going on. I went to Vancouver in May only to have the doctors findings there be found again . The doctor said most of my read outs were in keeping with cidp but needed an mri and spinal to confirm. In the mean time she is setting me up for IVIG treatments. So at this point i guess my big questions is. Has anyone else been injured in any form only to have Cidp onset. I have no other simptoms in my other extremities besides the burning in my right leg but all the medical tests show otherwise. Please share your stories or any information that may help.

    • Anonymous
      June 15, 2010 at 7:01 pm

      funny you should bring this up.
      I had some minor CIPD symptoms for a couple months: leg weakness, toe tingling, limp. I saw several doctors, finally got directed to a dr who specializes in neuromuscular diseases. He thought it was a mild case of guillain barre. On the way out of his office I slipped and fell spraining my ankle. I don’t know why, but the ankle sprain resulted in a dramatic weakening of my legs within a day or two. Went back to the doctor a week later, and he did more tests, ultimately confirming a diagnosis of CIPD.
      I just completed a round of IVIG, and am starting prednisone tomorrow.
      I’ll have to post my whole story on the main thread, but wanted to respond to this, because I have never heard of anyone getting CIPD, or even exacerbation of CIPD through trauma. But that’s sure what happened to me.