Can CIDP act like GBS at times?

    • Anonymous
      July 16, 2006 at 10:47 pm

      In my course of CIDP, with its “lesser” symptoms, I went years feeling “good” :rolleyes: because I “knew” what I had. Never mind treatment. This was “87. Just for a couple of years now, my DOCTORS even knew about it. (That’s all)

      Then I had a small stroke (lasted 5 days before improvement started–I’m still working on swallowing and speech and working my fingers). Meanwhile, my regular doc had put me on a fentanyl patch 50 to help with my constant, without relief at all for months migraines–waxed and wained was all. I did not know this was A CLASS 2 DRUG–80 TIMES THE STENGTH OF MORPHINE. The stroke came a couple of weeks after my having been on the drug. (I got myself off of it quick.)

      A couple of days after I got home from the hosp. my PT came that morning and I could barely move across the bed, then after super human strength (felt like it ) I managed to get onto my walker. I could not walk, could not stand on one foot even with the walker. The PT called an ambulance and sent me off to the hospital. They wheeled me out on a stretcher. Sometime in the afternoon, I seemed to get my strength back. They had taken blood samples and run tests.

      About 9pm the doctor came and told me I had nothing wrong and sent me home in a cab. 😀 Oh well!

      My question is: Was this a worsening of my CIDP, a drug reaction, or a spell of GBS? 😮 My doctors haven’t seen fit to mention it at all.


    • Anonymous
      July 17, 2006 at 1:02 am

      hi patricia & welcome,

      seems like a big coinkydink that the patch is not realted to your stroke. as to your new inabilities, it may be splitting hairs re: is it cidp or gbs. if you had/are having a real attack, i’d go with cidp. a ncv test will confirm an attack. but it could also just be some hidden residuals acting up due to your bout with a stroke. mucho rest lying down would be the cure for that. take care. be well.

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