Anybody in Florida dealing with the Hurricane?

    • Anonymous
      August 19, 2008 at 2:25 pm

      Anybody in here living in Florida dealing with that Hurricane. My son lives in Oxford and I’ve been trying to call him to check on him today getting no answers. Now I’m getting worried because the news showed an area which I am not sure is his location by that map and looks like they are getting hit hard! Tornadoes!
      But it’s close to where he is located, I think! Kind of worried not hearing from him. I hate being a worried mom! 🙁 Phone lines might be down too. But not hearing from him tears my nerves up. Will be glad when that hurricane passes and get’s out of here.
      After seeing what happened in Louisiania and Hurricane Floyd in NC, I don’t trust those storms. And to think many moons ago in my teenage years we would have Hurricane Parties! Acting like it was no big deal. Yeah! When you see one strong enough and it hits your area. You think twice about having Hurricane Parties.
      Just wanted to know what things were like down there about now. Damage, injuries, flooding?

    • Anonymous
      August 19, 2008 at 6:10 pm

      You can go the this web site and get the local weather for Oxford [url]http://[B][/B][/url] [do a cut and past]. Oxford seems to be about 60 miles West by South West from Dayton Beach and around 65 miles Northwest of Orlando. According to the radar they have not seen much of Fay so far. If the models hold true the whole thing should slide off the the east of him.

      The family has been here in “Sunny Florida” for 25 years. If a tree or branch knocked out a phone line the phone will normally just ring and ring. You can Google Oxford FL and find out exactly where it is. Right now there doesn’t appear to be anything to be alarmed about. Every time a Hurricane come through our daughters go bananas trying to find out if we are OK. They aways come up with the worse case scenario and the weather channel doesn’t help much to calm them down. Florida is larger than most people realize. That means thing can look bad in one part of the state and the rest to the state is fine.

    • Anonymous
      August 20, 2008 at 2:11 am

      Thanks Jim for letting me know! Feel a bit better! Still have not heard from them but they might have stayed over at Kate’s parents home. Since her family lives there. I did the same thing with my parents everytime NC had one too. Would call and get all worried. I lived in PA at the time when Hurricane Floyd hit Rocky Mount, NC. My parents live by a big river called the Tar River Resevior. Ohh my gosh! I was in PA and saw the news that morning and the flood they had. Could not reach my parents and got in my car and came to NC. My family got lucky and their home was not touched. Only 6 big trees and no power for 3 weeks. They had a generator running. My father was getting rather crabby after the 3rd week. No cable TV! LOL! But the devastation was horrible. Coffins in graveyards popped out of the ground and were floating in the water. You had to drive for hours just to get to one place. Several people lost their homes. That was the worst Hurricane I had ever seen hit like that. Then Louisiana had the horrible Hurricane. So now they scare me! Thank-you for helping out. I will just keep calling them!