American Disabilties Act & Neuropathy

    • Anonymous
      January 11, 2008 at 3:56 pm

      I tried searching here, but didn’t see a simple answer to my question:

      Does neuropathy qualify as a disability? I went to the government pages and it is all a blur. I am asking regarding my work. As we all know or sympathize with, there are often days that walking is very difficult while other days are okay. I am wanting to ask to use my hanidcap plaquard (sp?) and parker closer to the door of where I work. I work at a fancy country club and we have many members that often use these spaces, but during the work day there is usually some open, and before I get myself into a political mess, I thought I should be more knowledgeable. Obviously from my rambling, I am having one of those bad days and thinking, etc. is not very smooth, but I am at work.

      Also, wish I could pop in to my neurologist’s office on a day like this and let him see what kind of pain, etc. I am in. It’s days like this I wonder if I have CIDP or maybe arthritis… I just hurt a lot in my whole body (especially hips and knees).

      Thank you all for helping!

    • Anonymous
      January 11, 2008 at 4:13 pm

      Any health problem that is on going and persistent is considered a disability that effects your life to such a point it becomes a problem. I will see if I can find something for you.
      Were you work do the workers have to park at a different locations then the members? Also do you use a different door then the members? Because if not then they have to make sure that you have a parking spot near the door. You are considered a disable person if you have a parking placard. If they don’t let you have a closer spot then they are discriminating against a disable person. They have to make some sacrifice to accommodate a disable worker.

      I asked for a spot at work and they gave me one but recently another disable person is using it so they are ordering more signs so I can have a spot again.


    • Anonymous
      January 11, 2008 at 4:29 pm


      Thanks for the info you sent via PM. I will look at this again when my mind is clearer – during the weekend.

      At work, the employees are supposed to park in a seperate area (corner of big parking lot) and most employees are required to walk in the back door. I am in the administrative offices and can walk in any door I want to. But it is simple when you say if I have a handicap placard then I qualify.

      I’m just ready for this day at work to be over. TGIF!!!

    • Anonymous
      January 11, 2008 at 9:05 pm

      by federal ADA standards they must provide you with a space closer because of your placard which you recieved because of a disability. If you go into the federal site they give you the actual numbers of handicap spaces per number of parking spaces they are required (minimum) by law to have. For instance I think it is like if there are 25 parking spaces then they need at least 1 handicap from 26-50 require 2-3 etc. Hope this helps but I do know having been in management for years they are required to adjust to the needs for any disabled employee.