alice is in great shape today

    • Anonymous
      October 22, 2009 at 10:00 pm

      i have got to make her a Tshirt with “i (heart) chemo” – she feels stronger and full of energy, though i should say the steroids she’s getting intravenously do have their part in that

      she was up early (as she usually is) – at 2:30am – (that’s more than early, isn’t it ?) – spent a few hours on internet and went for a walk around the floor – patients are encouraged to walk regularly to prevent embolisms – alice is good about this, and of course feeling renewed strength also encourages her to work her regenerating muscles… at the end of our last walk i told her I was starting to get tired ! 🙂

      alice tried bribing the head nurse with tootsie roll lollipops today : we’re in the smallest room on the floor – and although it’s still nice it just has a small window (that looks onto a construction site) it would be nice if we could get some more natural light… so hopefully when another room frees up we’ll be able to change… until then alice will continue leaving tootsie roll lollies in the head nurse’s office 🙂

      we have been meeting some other patients on the floor – most are battling against cancer – one man we met this morning just found out by chance he had cancer and is lucky he can fight against it early — but typically for this kind of patient chemotherapy is much harder to deal with – it’s like going from a pain level 0 to 10, mentally and physically

      alice has been fighting for this treatment for a year now – and she has gone through so much pain with this illness that having this chemo just feels like the most exciting long anticipated hurdle. the kind of hurdle where you pull your sleeves up saying “bring it on !”

      and it’s like going from a 10 she wondered if she’d ever come out of, to a 2-3 that’ll pull her through to 0…. of course in the coming days the pain and discomfort will probably increase… but it’s just a rite of passage for alice

      so she’s full of energy, and her spirits are high – and the nurses here are just fantastic – and come in regularly to check on her and talk

      during alice’s last walk a physical therapist introduced himself and suggested helping alice – he’s going to come by the room tomorrow – apparently they are just starting now this new physical therapy program that she’ll be able to benefit from – more on that tomorrow

      thanks again for all your wonderful messages… for alice and for me too – i feel very cared for and very grateful for your words

      thank you

    • Anonymous
      October 22, 2009 at 10:22 pm

      wow everything sounds so possitive. thats great. I hate it when the physical therapist comes but afterward one gets such a release of indorphans you cant help but appriciate that they did.

    • Anonymous
      October 22, 2009 at 11:06 pm


      Yellow, I understand, is the COLOR of OPTIMISM! I happen to like yellow, myself.
      Sending you BOTH good heart, great hope and a BIG dose of common sense to KNOW when things simply aren’t right. Should they occur in the future, which they [I]won’t[/I] More than half the battle? Is attitude towards it all. That means think positively? But with caution.
      I had only a very ‘few’ hours of freedom when I’d had some surgery and the anaesthitics left me ‘free’ of pain for a about 6 hours after I actually realized that something was missing? I mean, you get so USED to it all? I wasted a whole hour determining what IT was that was absent, then IF I could, Should anything about it? I figgered I could try to do things I’d not been able to do since my onset and progressions? But, didn’t know how long it’d last.
      Sooo, I just ENJOYED IT! Wiggling toes[Ohh gee! Toes-do work?], legs, fingers etc..w/o pain or consequence and tried to program that feeling into my brain’s memory…We can forget too easily what ‘normal’ feels like, but also pain. IT WAS AN ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS few hours! And makes me try all the harder to get as back to ‘normal’ [whatever THAT is?] as possible.
      Hugs and hope! More than ever, especially now!

    • Anonymous
      October 23, 2009 at 9:05 am

      I read every day with such anticipation…so much gratitude and pride and amazement. Alice makes it seem so easy !

      I’m wondering, what happens next ? How long will she be in the hospital from here ?
      How long does it take before she knows it worked ?

      Take care…keep up the great job girls !

      prayers from Nebraska..

    • October 24, 2009 at 7:39 pm

      Good Going Alice!
      You must feel like the horse chomping at the bit and you are going to win the race! You better win because I bet my last nickle on you, and I don’t even gamble otherwise.
      I hope those tootsiepops get you a nice view.

    • Anonymous
      October 26, 2009 at 7:30 am

      Once again, Alice, my thoughs and hopes and best wishes are with you across an ocean and half a continent.

      It’s so encouraging to read that “so far, so good” – stay in there girl:cool: