March 14, 2007 at 3:09 am

Gene – 3200mg of neurontin did not help. Most of my body is very stiff/tight from my neck down with burning tingling in my hands and a numbing tingling in my feet. The pain level in my arms, back, hips, knees and legs is between 3 – 5 unless I do some sort of activity, then it shoots up.

Tim – I understand that they would gradually increase the lyrica, my doc said 600mg would be max. It’s the same with neurontin, I started at 300mg in August 2004. I just thought that they would start to decrease the neurontin when they started the lyrica.

Pam – I think you are asking me what I asked you. I asked my doc if he wanted me to start decreasing the amount of neurontin when he started me on lyrica, and he said no. Yes I do feel more tired I fell asleep watching American Idol tonight and missed Melinda Doolittle’s song – ticked me off.

He wants me to get back with him the first week in April to see how I am doing with the new dose of lyrica.


October 17, 2006 at 9:12 pm

I’ll get a zing once in awhile and it’s always when I’m in bed, my leg will jerk out. And I have CIDP and I never had PAIN, never had to be on a pain medication. I have an extreme amount of numbness though, which can still reach a grit your teeth level.