Your symptoms are like mine

January 19, 2008 at 7:31 pm

Daniel, :confused:

When I reacted to a tetanus shot seven years ago, the symptoms were very bizarre and stretched out over a long period of time. My doctors could not find anything wrong with me and didn’t want to believe it was a vaccine reaction. First, you must find a doctor who considers it possible. Then you must find someone who understands GBS. That can be very difficult because symptoms manifest differently in each person. You can read my saga at:


You may see that the description that I give is similar to what you feel. After several months, new things appeared…humming in my body, ice-pick jabs, more numbness and an episode that left me not knowing where I was. I know that it is hard to keep pushing when you feel poorly, but keep track of what is going on by keeping a journal so you do not forget. I had trouble holding a pen and writing was hard, but it helped me get through the order. These things may resolve with time–and I hope they do.

Take care,