Your posts, and that of your mom?

August 6, 2010 at 8:03 pm

HAVE been an inspiration to ME this past year! I don’t think I could explain why? But YOUR and your MOM’s Courage has been inspiring to me!
It’s helped me not to go down into the pits of self-pity of wimp-ness.
It’s not easy to ‘recover’ at any time? But, I know that you’d gotten it BAD and you got back at it well, ‘Badder’!
Shaking hands? What are your ‘metabolic blood panel levels’? IF you are low on calcium, magnesium and Vite D [which you likely are?]. I’d almost bet you one mean chocolate soda about it! Start to ask about supplements and which ones are best. Neuro pain meds suck these things outta you as they would one with epilepsy. As most of the pain meds we get are from that field. Just ask for and get a copy of the ‘report’? And see where the asterisks [*] are. Those indicate either high or low #’s, but some key #’s can be marginal and not warrant the [*].
Again both you and your mom are some of the braver people I’ve met here! You’ve fought a good fight and are winning! Keep it so!