your OK

August 24, 2010 at 10:25 am

For 59 years I didn’t hardly have a headache so I went in this with no medical information. They too used a scan for the radiologist to find the point . retrys are not what you want. My only complaint was the doctor waited 30 seconds between to shot to deaded and the procedure. Must have been in a hurry. I stayed in the hospital 4 hours after and layed on the couch the next day to avoid a headache but luckly didn’t get one. 2-3 days later got the call with a dianosis and was happy to find out something after 12 other doctors guessing. To date my IVIG has gone well and no adverse issues. Premedication and rate of infussion is important as previous stated. The first load dose the next day I felt I had flu like symptions. Since then they have slowed down the rate and the next day I feel good. They give me IV benedril and I catch up on my nap for five hours and listen to a Ipod. very easy once you get the hang of it. Wished I didn’t have to but I still remember how bad I felt prior to dianosis. Ask questions as you go through this and most good medical personell will help. However they do tend to explaine things possible and it seems worse then it is.If you read the side effects of any medicine you probably won’t take them.Gene