your loading dose repeated?

February 17, 2009 at 7:51 pm

thanks for your response. I have a question about your second loading dose.
Are you saying that you had first loading dose and then several maint. ones then went back to a loading dose again? What kinds of improvement do you notice when you have the treatments that makes you think that they are working? Mother’s strength although minimal seems a little better but she is very tired from therapy sessions. I hear people say ” I felt better after my treatments” or like you noticed going downhill when you treatments stretched out too many days apart. What kind of things did you notice that would make you think you needed to get your IVIG soon? Mother’s calf muscles are like a bag of jelly and she can not get up and down from a sitting position by herself either, nor can she stand on her own. She can only get around in a wheelchair but must have help getting in and out of it too since her arm strength is not enough to support her 115 lbs.