Your case is similar to Moms

July 15, 2006 at 7:17 pm

Hi Robert,

My mother has had GBS since May,2004. She lives in Auburn, Mass.
She has had a severe case and was away for almost 2 years.. She is currently home but is no way near walking yet.. I know how frustrating it is for her but honestly it is on me as well.. She can not really do anything for herself yet.. Her hands are slowly coming back and we are seeing some small changes but she still needs us for everything. She looks fabulous but can not do much of anything
She only receives therapy twice a week which I think is not a lot but if I mention it she will cry. She does have lots of pain, especially in legs but I wonder sometimes if she is not doing enough.. I feel so awful saying it but I wonder a lot about it.. I have often thought of water therapy but what can I do to ensure it happens.. What things are you doing in therapy Robert? How is your balance? When I see her stand ( with help from Dad) to go to the bathroom its a if she is a rag doll.. There is no balance.. UGHHHHHHH
I wish you luck in your progress.. If you have an advice I would be very appreciative.