your age!

October 14, 2010 at 5:34 am

Hi Micahsmom,
I too am 36 (diagnoised 3 yrs ago)
dont have too much experience re relapses as have continued on quite a lot of treatment since diagnoises 3 yrs ago. everytime we ahve tried to reduce treatment I have relapsed – the severity has depended on as to how long i have let my symptoms progress befroe getting back onto the full treatment( ah yes am a bit stubborn and tried out the ‘burying my head in the sand’ approach to see if that would work!!!)
Last official relapse is exactly a year ago – when we tried reducing just the pulse methylpred (stayed on the ivig and immunos though) and went from running a half marathon one week to needing 2 arm crutches to walk 2 weeks later – and then really i should have admitted defeat and taken to the wheel chair again – oh but did i mention i was a little stubborn!!?? 😉

all the best – enjoy your precious baby! (I was still breastfeeding when CIDP chose me)