You think?

February 21, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Then, all I can say is:
I hope that You come to peace with this all, and that something will work FOR YOU!
Golly life seems unfair that we get these peculiar ‘cascades’ at times, and yet, what are the odds? Worse what are the odds that they are ever diagnosed?
I DO know that you have gone every single route reasonable and beyond that. But please don’t give up to find any possibility of restoring some if not all aspects of health. That is what I selfishly wish for myself? And I wish it for you too!
Go forth and fight for yourself to be back! It’s a simple yet complicated wish, isn’t it? But I KNOW how long you have been fighting and I am truly hoping that you are strong enuf [even if you don’t think so now?] to get to the roots of the problems! Hugs, heart, hope and fortitude! GOT THAT?