you listed mine

July 23, 2007 at 4:08 pm

[QUOTE=Roxie]I would like to get a poll on everyone’s residuals and send them to the board so they can have a better idea.
I will start with fatigue, burning in strange places, blurry vision at times, off balance, drop foot, fasiculations( like pop corn under your skin), body jerks, RLS, tingling and numbness, unable to sleep, depression at times, no stamina just to name a few. Thanks for your support. Roxie xoxoxoxoxo[/QUOTE]

I itch alot in diffrent places just like the shocking sensations. Sometimes my depression seem off the chart and I’m on 3 meds for that. I’m losing my appetite except for sweets, don’t understand that but I will eat a salad plate of food and feel full , but the sweets are a diffrent story.I just have to stay away from them totally. They are putting me back on physical therapy two days a week. I lost 37 pounds in 3 weeks and have gained it all back plus some. I think thats contributing to some of the depression.
But I have everyone of those residuals except for the tightness that was mentioned. I have the drop foot that trips me and it is worse in the PM than AM. I love my hot tub , I have the heat turned down and I just float in there like a whale but there is no strain on my body.
All in all I think the depression is tougher on me than anything. It seems as I have been 3 diffrent people in the last year and I want the old Tim back but He is gone. Sorry to go on and on. I know this was just to list the residuals but I have a tough time just making lists.(think thats a residual)?