You got your sense of HUMOR!

September 24, 2009 at 7:02 pm

I’ve always been scent sensitive and I TRULY know what you mean!
I used to love lavender scented stuff, not only because it well, smelled nice’ but I understand from an aromatherapy perspective that it has healing properties. Finding good lavender soaps etc is like finding hens’ teeth these days.
In colonial times, dried lavender was used as a moth repellent in their woolens. Go figure! I’ve always liked it because it smells CLEAN.
Some folks [and I’ve learned this from my BC experiences?] don’t get any reactions to chemo, others well? All sort of things happen. Do you know which chemo you are on? Knowing what it might do to you …before you know it’s being DONE is a good thing in the way of ‘forewarned is fore-armed’ aspect of things happening. AND IF they happen? Could be subtle or hit you like a sledgehammer. I truly hope nothing ‘hits’ you.
Not to mention? You ARE in a hospital… There are all these really sick people there! I myself don’t just hate having to go to one? I loathe it! I’ve been all but in ‘isolation’, as I’ve soo many immune issues the docs simply don’t know what to do with me! I kind of find it sort of funny really. It’s as IF I’ve something ‘contageous’. Obviously, many of the ‘profession’ have not been educated enough?
Nothing is more comfy than a hospital bed, in a dry environment etc… And the TV when you can’t sleep? BAH! TV anywhere at 4AM is the pits. What’s scary is when the infomercials sound good. Keep that in mind, please!
Heaps of heart from me to you….use prudently and repay w/o interest at a future date…DEAL?