You can have it done at home, …

March 31, 2011 at 10:06 pm

but check with your insurance tho? My own insurance limits home ‘nursing therapies’ to 2 hours a day. And, my infusions take 2-1/2 hours-and? I get to pay for that WHOLE third hour at a non-insurance discounted price!
In my plan [a very good one] the issue is their assessment of your ability to get to any infusion facility.
When I’d opted for home infusions? I’d really felt the side effects of both the infusions and pre meds! Driving by myself alone post treatments? Was and is an adventure at times.
In a neuro or other infusion suite? The hourly limit is about 6 hours [+/-] so most folks can handle that …tho it’s boring.
Hospitals or the infusion suites are the best place to start or continue infusions. Cost wise the suites are much cheaper overall. Home therapies for me have come in second and the hosptials were the most expensive and least efficient overall. Simply one person’s opinion tho.
I’m truly glad that you felt better after your first set of treatments! After my second round? I went shopping like a demon! I’d not really been able to go and get new clothes or other essentials on my own for the year prior! Then I went and got garden plants and hanging baskets and let SPRING get to my door! It was wonderful! I truly hope that wonderful-ness continues for you a good while between infusions! Keep it up! Ask questions if you have any, please. More than one of us has been around this issue many times!
Thinking things will go well for the future!